50 Restaurants with 50 New Dishes at Singapore Restaurant Month 2015

Singapore Restaurant Month 2015
50 restaurant brands has dedicated a whole month to celebrate the nation’s golden jubilee in an culinary way – deliciously and affordably. 

The Singapore Restaurant Month 2015 running from 1 July to 10 August, is launched by the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) and partnership with Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Union Pay

See the full list of participating restaurants at end of the page.

Fifty (50) participating restaurants across the city included twelve (12) heritage restaurants which are at least 30 years old like the Red Star Restaurant, Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant, Islamic Restaurant and Fatty Weng Restaurant, as well as popular dining spots like Cafe Iguana, Brewerkz, Timbre, Portico, The Flying Squirrel, Palm Beach Seafood and more, have each come up with a special dish that best highlight the selected local produce (eggs, fish, vegetables).

Diners can look forward to an array of delectable dishes that spans traditional, modern, Asian and western concepts which showcase the best of home-grown ingredients and cuisine with a local twist, such as Cafe Iguana, whose chef has created Pibil Pescado in Red Chile sauce featuring the local produce – Seabass pan-seared before being oven baked and served with Mexican rice and salsa, and the sambal chilli sauce with a Mexican twist.

This festive dish is available at Cafe Iguana from 1 July to 10 August 2015, at $30++ inclusive of an SG50 inspired Margarita or Iguana lager.

Address: 30 Merchant Road, #01-03, 
Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Tel: 6236 1275

One of the most unique dishes created for Singapore Restaurant Month is – the 3 Grain Laksa Risotto with Homemade Seabass Fish Cake at Portico, serving contemporary cuisine with a taste of home. The local produce is Seabass, specially made in the form of a fishcake and paired with chilli paste, then finished with coconut foam. 

Chef’s choice of laksa risotto are made from the combination of barley, quinoa and orzo, eaten with other ingredients sourced locally or taken from the edible garden. This dish is part of a five-course SG50 menu at $50++ available throughout the festival.

Address: 991B Alexandra Road, 
#01-10, Singapore 119970
Tel: 6276 7337

In addition to promote the use of local produce, Singapore Restaurant Month also highlight a choice of 12 well-respected local institutions that have graced the culinary scene for many decades. Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant, is one of Singapore’s longest established restaurant since 1977, serving authentic Beijing fare to its discerning customers.

The mouth-watering dish featured for the special festival is the Sauteed Bird’s Nest Egg White ($70), inspired from the traditional Sai Pang Xie (賽螃蟹) which tastes like crab, but Master Chef Chan cleverly replaced scallop with the nourishing bird’s nest and added Chinese Jinhua ham (金華火腿) to the egg-white.

This delicate Bird’s Nest creation is good for sharing, and available from 17 July to 02 August 2015*, in conjunction with this year’s Singapore Food Festival.

Address: 201 Keppel Road, Singapore 099419
Tel: 6272 8822
Website: http://pfs.com.sg/restaurants/prima_tower/

One of the city’s most venerated seafood powerhouse – Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant located at One Fullerton offers the whole baby Barramundi at an unbelievable price of ($18 per 500gram). Palm Beach will be the only seafood establishment serving baby Barramundi at market price during the Singapore Restaurant Month. 

The baby Barramundi sourced locally is deep fried and served with crispy cuttlefish that has been tossed with honey and kaffir sauce. The whole baby Barramundi is good for sharing 2 to 3 person, but at a whopping low price of $18, I wouldn’t mind ordering one just for myself. 

Address: 1 Fullerton Road, #01-09, 
One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
Tel: 6336 8118

List of Participating Heritage Restaurants (17 July to 02 August 2015)*

  1. Bee Heong Palace Restaurant
  2. Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant
  3. Chin Lee Restaurant
  4. Fatty Weng Restaurant
  5. Gim Tim
  6. Hua Yu Wee
  7. Islamic Restaurant
  8. Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
  9. Red Star Restaurant
  10. Spring Court Restaurant
  11. Westlake
  12. Zi Yean Restaurant

List of Participating Non-Heritage Restaurants (01 July to 10 August 2015)

  1. Brewerkz
  2. Cafe Iguana
  3. Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine
  4. First Culinary Restaurant
  5. Forest
  6. Hard Rock Cafe
  7. JPOT
  8. JUMBO Seafood
  9. Lao Beijing
  10. LingZhi Vegetarian
  11. Malcom Bistro
  12. Mamanda
  13. Osia
  14. Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant
  15. Peach Garden Restaurant
  16. Portico
  17. Pu Tien Restaurant
  18. RedDot Brewhouse
  19. Restaurant HOME
  20. Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar
  21. Seoul Garden
  22. Seoul Garden Hotpot
  23. Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining
  24. Shih Yeh Restaurant
  25. Si Chuan Dou Hua
  26. SUFOOD
  27. Swensen’s
  28. Syun
  29. The Flying Squirrel
  30. The Scholar Chinese Restaurant
  31. The Soup Spoon Union
  32. Tim Palace
  33. Timbre
  34. TungLok Seafood
  35. TungLok Signatures
  36. TungLok Teahouse
  37. Yam’s Kitchen
  38. Yum Cha Restaurant

Singapore Restaurant Month officially begins on 1st July 2015, but deciding where to go is no easy task. This is a good time to try some place you haven’t yet tried, but also the perfect time to revisit your old flame you haven’t seen for a while. 

This inaugural festival is pretty much a month-long of delicious retreats anyway, but the aim of Singapore Restaurant Month is to encourage culinary creativity and spread awareness about the quality of local produce on both industry and consumer levels.

For more information about the Singapore Restaurant Month and its participating restaurants, click on to www.singaporerestaurantmonth.com 

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