BEESKET Korean D.I.Y. Juice Bar

BEESKET, (a newly coined term with the combination of bee and basket) the world’s first D.I.Y. beverage ordering platform service offer customers a totally new fun way of creating their own beverages, typically juices. 

With a fun name like BEESKET, it’s hard not to get excited about this leading beverage concept that recently buzzed into Singapore, and is fast becoming a refreshing sensation like the booming Bingsoo trend here. 

The Korean born BEESKET is about to venture into global markets in the America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa and including Asia, there are now almost ten BEESKET outlets across cities in Korea, Dubai, Brunei and Singapore – first outlet at Changi City Point and the second outlet at 321 Clementi Shopping Mall. 

When it comes to getting your dose of greens, Singapore has no shortage of conventional juice bars and healthy wave of organic juices and cold pressed juice cleanse.

So what makes BEESKET juice different from the rest? Here are the answers. 

1. – BEESKET lets you enjoy the FREEDOM of Expression

The real fun begins at BEESKET juice bar where you get unlimited freedom to concoct your own beverage from 39 different seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables such as Kale, Celery, Red Cabbage, Broccoli and more.

Alternatively, the team at BEESKET has put together a pre-set menu for those who need a quick fix, highlighting health concerns such as diet, fatigue recovery, radiant skin, stress release and more.

Some of the pre-set menu choices include: 

Natural Fruit Tea (hot) – Pear Ginger Tea ($5.40), Green Grape Tea ($5.40), Grapefruit Tea ($5.90) and Honey Lemon Tea ($4.90).

100% Natural Blended Juice (cold) – Pinebanana ($5.40), Berryberry ($5.90), Yam Honey ($6.40), Berryberryberry ($6.90) and Green Smoothie ($6.90). 

100% Natural Squeezed Juice (room temperature) – Pear & Ginger ($5.40), Kale & Green Apple ($6.40), Carrot & Apple ($5.40) and Celery & Pineapple ($6.40).

2. – BEESKET is FREE of Additives, Sugar and Powdered Flavouring

Every mix of Beesket drink receives a spoonful of BEESKET Fruit Nectar which is an all-natural fruit extract made from eight different fruits. The trademarked nectar draws out the juice’s flavour naturally and balances out acidity to produce a smooth and refreshing drink. 

For those who opt to have a juice completely made of vegetables, the extract helps to enrich the flavour of the combination. 

Noteworthy highlights include pomegranate, mulberry, broccoli, red cabbage, celery and even yam.

3. – BEESKET is a NEW, FUN, SMART and INTERACTIVE way of Juicing

Each of the fruit capsules are outfitted with a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip. When the basket is filled, it is placed on a scanner at the cashier’s counter where the order is automatically printed out for the staff to start preparing the juice. 

At the same time, a score card emerges reflecting the amount of fibre, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins present in the customer’s choice of juice.

Customers can also enjoy the novelty of leaving cute messages and quirky feedback on these cards and sticking them on boards at the BEESKET counter.

4. – How to order BEESKET Juice – EASY and FUN

  • Grab an empty Beesket (basket)
  • Select the best of two worlds – Fruits or Veggies 
  • Pick 3 capsules of your preference and drop them into the Beesket
  • Pass your Beesket order to the Cashier counter and Make Payment
  • Collect your order Score Card and Buzzer
  • Pick up your Beesket beverage and enjoy

5. – BEESKET goes CASHLESS for the Loyal Bees

In July 2015, BEESKET offers their cutomers a loyalty card programme where they can top-up a store value card in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100. For every $50 and $100 top-up, an additional $5 and $10 credit will be added to the card respectively. 

These exciting BEESKET store cards will be available in two different colours, pink for the ladies and grey for the men.

Every nutritionist will tell you a good dose of fruits and vegetables is vital for your health. If you are trying to kick-start your health resolutions or shift some of festive seasons toxic clutters from your body, fresh juices definitely gives you a helping hand to cleanse naturally and more effectively.

The overall health benefits from the list of juice combinations are pretty endless, as there are almost 5,000 combinations of BEESKET juices one can create to suit any thirst craving.

My go green (weight-loss) suggestion to try is Kale, Green Apple and Celery. This combination is relatively low in calories and the natural fruit nectar, which is used for the sweetness, is low glycemic so it won’t spike my sugar levels.

To make it more of a smoothie than a juice, pick the Avocado to provide some good fats and it should keep you full too.

By the way, BEESKET is also open in the evenings, so it could be ideal for a late night detox date. 

BEESKET @ Changi City Point

Address: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-20, Singapore 486038.
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm daily

BEESKET @ 321 Clementi
Address: 321 Clementi Avenue 3, #02-03, Singapore 129905.


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