Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria – A Taste Of Italy In The Park

Located at Binjai Park off Bukit Timah Road, Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria (Capri) offers diners a quiet respite from the bustle of the city. The 45-seater Italian restaurant features a traditional and charming interiors through its rustic brick walls, wooden furniture and paintings that would make you feel right at home.

Current owner Fabrizio took over the management of 4-years old Capri in February 2014 and his continuous efforts to date has made Capri one of the most successful trattoria in Singapore.

Armed with a passion for authentic, home-style Italian cooking, Milan-born Fabrizio Anzolin teamed up with Executive Chef Domenico Truglia to bring wholesome authentic flavours hailing from Northern and Southern Italy. 

The dynamic duo have expertly curated a new Monthly Regional Specials Menu that changes every month on top of their extensive a la carte menu. This special menu features three distinct dishes and new seasonal produce from provinces such as Piedmonte, Abruzzo, Calabria and more. 

Almost every ingredient is produced in-house, from the homemade pasta and sausages, home-cured meats, breads to speciality pizzas, Capri guests will able to taste the difference in chef’s dishes from almost 20 regions in Italy.

Tagliere Casereccio ($28) – Monthly Regional Special Menu (June)

At Italian restaurants, antipasti are food offered before the actual meal itself begins. Like the opening credits of a movie, the appearance of the antipasto announces to everybody that something special is about to begin. 

Guests at Capri will be presented an artful composition of antipasti that spotlights selections from Calabria Southern Italy – this antipasto Tagliere Casereccio ($28) which I sampled is the June special menu, featuring a platter of home-cured cold cuts such as pancetta (pork belly), capocollo (pork neck) and bresaola (air-dried beef) served atop a bed of rocket salad and accompaniments of olives, cured chillies, sundried tomatoes and seasonal cheeses complete the dish. 

Italy has been the pioneers for curing meats for thousands of years and each region is known for its own cured meat. The overall taste of the first course complement each other on the plate, and the mild saltiness of the cured meats awaken my palate for the courses that are to follow.

Gamberi e cappesante alle erbe ($20) – A La Carte Menu 

Capri offers a range of antipasti giving guests an opportunity to taste truly creative and unusual Italian specialities. I get to try the Gamberi e cappesante alle erbe ($20), another antipasto dish but taken from the a la carte menu. This course is sort of a small plate concept inspired by both the Italian antipasti and Spanish tapas, the portion is rather generous and can be filling.

The second antipasto consists of plump prawns and scallops lightly seasoned with herbs and pan-seared in olive oil before being served on a bed of mesclun, sundried and olives giving lovers of Mediterranean goodness a reason to experience the bold flavours of this offering.

Cannarozzi allo zafferano ($25) Monthly Regional Special Menu (May)

Moving on to Primi, the second course pasta section are staples of an Italian meal served before the main course. In the month of May, guests can look forward to this Abruzzo Southern Italian dish on the regional menu collection. Cannarozzi allo zafferano ($25), a large wide tube pasta, cooked to al dente before sautéed in saffron sauce and served with two kinds of bacon – smoked and crispy, and shavings of parmesan.

Other Capri pasta favourites include the Ravioli al nero di seppa ($25) – a homemade squid ink seafood ravioli, the Fettuccine alla Piemontese ($28) – truffled cream dried beef porcini mushroom fettuccine, and the Linguine all’aragosta ($75) – saffron whole Boston lobster (shelled meat) linguine dish which is good for sharing. 

Pasta riccia all’nduja ($25) – Monthly Regional Special Menu (June)

Making its entry into the Monthly Regional Special Menu collection for June is the Pasta riccia all’nduja ($25), a must-try dish for pasta lovers when you are at Capri. The wide and flat hand-made pasta is tossed in house-made nduja, a wonder (pork) ingredient from Calabria. 

Flavoured with spectacular quantities of garlic, olive oil, ground black pepper, chilli flakes and ricotta for added creaminess, this pasta might just have altered my life as the fiery nduja sauce contributed most to the umami taste. I thought I might have lost my senses despite the tingling sensation from the spice, I wanted to stick my face in it as this simple dish was really well executed. 

Cacciucco alla Livornese ($28) – Main Course (Secondi)

Now into the main course or secondi, owner Fabrizo explained the difference between the Italian Cacciucco alla Livornese and the French Bouillabaisse. Both stew dishes are brimming with seafood delights, the Italians would feature more crustaceans like crayfish, prawns, mussels, clams, squid and cod; while the French tend to showcase more variant of fishes (usually 3 kinds of fish) in their stew.

The hearty bowl of traditional Cacciucco alla Livornese from the western coastal waters of Tuscany is stewed in a piquant tomato based sauce redolent with onions, basil, black peppers and oregano, served with slices of fresh home-baked bread to sop up all that saucy goodness. 

Cotoletta alla Milanese ($48) Main Course (Secondi)

On the meatier side, Fabrizo and chef Domenico recommends the Cotoletta alla Milanese ($48), a 300g bone-in deep fried breaded veal chop served with roasted potatoes and side of fresh salad, which is a typical recipe from Lombardy Northern Italy. Traditionally, the veal meat should adhere to the bone as a weather vane and cooked in a pan of melted butter, forming a rich tasty sauce while it mingles with the veal’s juices.

Having greasy stomachs are no fun, therefore the thoughtful chef Domenico uses a premium vegetable oil as a lighter alternative and it tastes divine. The Australian veal is lightly pounded to tenderise the meat before it is coated in an egg wash and dusted with flour. 

It is then coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried to medium doneness, achieving that crisp on the outside yet moist and rosy in the centre as seen in the picture above. You might not be able to see much pink in the meat, as the deep-fried breaded veal chop was cooking inside while it rested for pictures.

Torta al limone ($10) – Dolci (Desserts)

Rounding up the Italian dining experience, indulge in a selection of sweet treats ($10 each) that include a Lava cake, Tiramisu and Panacotta crowned with dark, Italian cherries and served in a jar. 

Or simply go for the Capri‘s best seller Torta al limone, a warm, homemade lemon cake well-loved for its dense, buttery texture and subtle tang of lemon zest, I thought the side of cream was unnecessary. 

Italian Spritz ($15) – Aperitif

The Italians are well-known for their hospitality, that include a wide selection of digestifs such as Limoncello, Grappa, Sambuca, Amaretto and Amari, all for the price at $10 a glass. We were served the most appreciated aperitif in Capri, the Spritz ($15) just before our meal to stimulate our appetite. 
The Spitz beverage is a concoction of Prosecco (Italian sparking wine), flavouring ingredients such as oranges, cinchona bark and gentian root, and Aperol which gives it an enticing bitter-sweet finish on the palate.

Featured picture below is owner Fabrizio always hand to make wine pairing (40 labels) recommendations with Capri‘s menu. The friendly and very hospitaliable Fabrizio is offering his guests some drinks from his stash of classic digestifs and sometimes its hard to say no.

Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria is dedicated to showcase the best ingredients and cooking traditions of all Italy. I have never been to Italy personally, but I should say that I have sampled some of the best dishes that were very accomplished. 

Capri is one of the most notable trattoria you have to visit. If I could put them on the Michelin list, I see them as a prime candidate to receive at least a star. 

Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria
Address: 3 Binjai Park Singapore 589819
Tel: (65) 6468 4886

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 
Lunch: 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:00pm to 10:30pm 
Closed on Monday


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