An Exquisite Spanish Affair With Catalunya Singapore [CLOSED]

City dwellers and working executives in the Central Business District looking for a weekday lunch spot should check out Catalunya‘s latest offer, featuring an appetising 3-course customisable set menu for only $38++ per person. Designed by award-winning design firm AvroKo, Catalunya Singapore is a Spanish restaurant and tapas bar which presents a contemporary twist on the classic Spanish menu. Leading the culinary direction is an international team of award-winning experts from the likes of elBulli, Drolma and Sketch in Spain.

Catalunya Singapore is seated inside a unique glass dome floating atop the waters of the iconic Marina Bay strip, allowing diners to enjoy their meals and feast their eyes on the wonderful 360-degree panorama of the city and Marina Bay Sands. 

The restaurant menu features a wide array of signature entrees, such as the Catalunya style Octopus ($24), Roasted Veal Shank ($138 shares 2-3 pax), Segovia Roast Suckling Pig ($135 whole piglet) or have the same pleasure (suckling pig tapa $22) in bites. 

To perfectly complement your meal, Catalunya serves a huge selection of Barcelona-style aperitifs, Catalan classic cocktails, whiskeys, liqueurs, wines and champagnes along with delectable tapas like the Catalunya Tartar ($20), luxurious Avocado Roll with Lobster ($25), and the sexy Bikini ($20) that combines cured iberico ham, cheese and truffle in a sandwich will transport you right to Spain. 

Starting with the 3-course Executive Lunch Special ($38++), diners can choose their preferred starter, main and a dessert for each course. The selection of menu items refreshes weekly with introduction of new and popular specialities from the chef’s kitchen, that include a vegetarian option as well. 

Complete your lunch with a glass of Catalunya‘s special house pour red and white wine selection for an addition of only $10++ per glass with every set lunch ordered. If you are craving for more food, look forward to the signature favourites from their regular menu. 

Figueres Onion Soup with Fried Egg (Executive Lunch Starter)

For starter, I picked the hearty old fashioned onion soup served with a perfectly fried egg that needs no introduction. The onion used in the soup was imported from Figueres, a Spanish village known for producing sweet tasty onion that is crunchy and mild in flavour in its original form. 

Those looking for a lighter option without skimping on taste can try the Caesar Salad with Tuna in Olive Oil or the Escalivada with Foie Gras and Smoked Anchovies.

Grandma Beef Stew (Executive Lunch Main)

You may know this treasured dish by a variety of names, but to make it easy to remember, Catalunya name it as Grandma Beef Stew, using a traditional Spanish recipe which grandmothers used to prepare in olden days. Hearty and full of rich flavours, this stew dish is especially good on a colder day and guaranteed to leave no empty bellies. 

Homemade Ravioli with Parma Cream (Executive Lunch Main)

The second item on the Executive lunch menu was the homemade Ravioli with parma cream. Usually served either in broth or pasta sauce in Italian restaurants, but the Spanish decided to serve the ravioli with parma cream. There is actually no meat inside the ravioli, this dish is the vegetarian version of the ‘Roasted meat canelon’, a highlight in Catalunya’s tapas menu, which is also a type of pasta dish. 

Lastly, on the menu – Fish of the Day in Salsa Verdeis for the typical fish-eaters. A fresh catch of the day is cooked with salsa verde recipe which is bright and goes well with white fish.

Banana Pudding (Executive Lunch Dessert)

It will be unwise to not pick Banana Pudding as your dessert choice among the other Watermelon Sorbet or Fresh Fruit. This dessert is made up of a mixture of banana flavored cake, pudding and sliced fresh banana. The banana pudding was light, soft and fluffy, but I had to admit I would prefer it to be sweeter. 


Unawed by fear, I took delight in sampling other exciting dishes in addition to the Executive lunch at Catalunya. The Spanish menu features both meat and seafood dishes, reflecting the diversity of recipes and ingredients which the chefs at Catalunya hope to share with its customers.

Spherical Olive ($3 each)

What you see on the spoon is a molecular gastronomy from Catalunya using the spherical olives recipe of el Bulli team. The genius whom first invented the spherical olive, that magical little bubble of juice that masquerades as a real olive. If you are new to molecular gastronomy, simply google the word to find out more; in short it means the transformation of food with science. 

Cod Fish Esqueixada ($16)

Esqueixada is a typical salad of Catalan cuisine using salted cod fish, with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and dressed with olive oil and vinegar. If you are able to take raw food, this dish will be such a delight. It actually tasted like the Japanese sashimi, but imagine it with savoury flavours. 

Avocado Roll ($25)

The lighter take on the lobster roll exchanging the mayonnaise with lobster jus and ponzu sauce, stuffed with a lavish amount of fresh shredded lobster wrapped in avocado slices and topped with caviar and ikura. I can think of it to rival the popular lobster roll, except much smaller in size but it is definitely more luxurious.

Pan de Cristal Bread with Tomato ($10) / Jamon Iberico ($55)

The Spanish love their bread and so do I. ‘Pan de Cristal’ is a Spanish ciabatta style bread named for its crusty light texture that resembles crystal glass. The crystal bread is extremely light and airy which requires a ton of work to make. The bread at Catalunya is imported directly from Spain and then rubbed with tomatoes and sprinkled with specially imported extra virgin olive oil. Best eaten on its own or paired with Jamon iberico, a traditional cured ham made from black Iberian pigs.

Catalunya Tartar ($20) 

In the hands of a chef, steak tartare can be a truly beautifully dish. What I tasted is not just beautiful, but it is the new generation of tartar cuisine. The chefs at Catalunya reinterprets the traditional dish using one key ingredient – only tomatoes to create this dish, comprising tomato air and confit tomatoes with other ingredients such as onions and capers. It is served with slices of toasts on the side.

Bikini ($20) / Octopus Catalunya Style ($24)

Other scene-stealing favourites include the Bikini – black truffle Iberico ham and cheese sandwich, and the Octopus Catalunya style where the chefs at Catalunya gave this Galician octopus dish a spin, adding potato foam and pork belly with paprika instead of using whole potatoes.

The Other Spanish Tortilla ($16)

Every region and restaurants has their own special way of preparing egg dishes. Today, you will see two different egg renditions – one’s a classic, the other a modern twist to the famous tapa. Firstly, an original Elbulli invention with a twist to the traditional Spanish tortilla, made up of sauteed onions in the first layer, then sabayon is poured in followed by a potato espuma served in a martini glass. So if you’re asking me how do I enjoy this dish? Simply eat it out of the martini glass with a spoon and taste the flavours and textural contrast. 

Classic Tortilla de Patatas ($15)

A well-made Spanish Tortilla so good and satisfying in every ways. The omelette hits the spot right with a winning combination of beaten eggs, potatoes and onions; all my favourite ingredients into one dish on the plate. Have it on its own or dip it with some garlic aioli and brava sauce for an extra kick; slightly warm, wonderful and gratifying.

Roast Suckling Pig Segovia Style ($135) / Suckling Pig Tapa ($22)

Roast suckling pig is one of the most typical, some say legendary dish in Spanish cuisine, especially in the city of Segovia. Chefs take pride in the tenderness of their roast pigs and cut them with plates. The Spanish really know their pigs and do it right, the skin was browned and crispy, and the meat was tender and juicy with a rich porky flavour. Pineapple chutney on the side is brilliant at cutting through rich flavours. 

Chocolate Fritters ($14)

Filled with dark-chocolate custard and rolled in sugar, these soft and fluffy doughnuts are a rich and creamy treat. Though I actually wish that the doughnuts could be deep-fried, they are the perfect ending to a Spanish meal.

Lastly, if you like to seduce your tastebuds with the finest in avant-garde and authentic Spanish cuisine, Catalunya introduces its very own Weekend Brunch available every Saturday (16 May 2015 onwards) and Sunday from 12:30pm to 4:00pm featuring a sumptuous selection of Spanish cured meats, breads, cheeses, eggs, seafood, sandwiches, made-to-order dishes and much more at $98++ per person inclusive free flow of juices, or add $48++ per person for unlimited cocktails and wines. 

Resident DJ will lighten the atmosphere with feel good beats throughout the day as you indulge in the best Spanish fare that Singapore has to offer. When it comes to eating with your little ones, parents can settle down to enjoy a proper meal at Catalunya, while their children will be entertained with an activity pack provided by the restaurant. On the last weekend of the month, Catalunya customers can stand a chance to win a pair of seats to another brunch session at the waterfront restaurant. 

Catalunya Singapore
The Fullerton Pavilion
Address: 82 Collyer Quay Singapore 049327

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday Lunch: 12 noon – 2.30pm
Monday – Sunday Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm
Monday – Sunday Bar: 12noon – Till late
Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 12.30pm – 4pm

Reservations: (+65) 6534 0886




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