Goodwood Park Hotel Durian Fiesta 2015 Brings Irresistible Dessert Indulgence

The Goodwood Park Hotel‘s annual Durian Fiesta is back again and it gets bigger with a stunning entrance of six new creations, along with their iconic durian-centric desserts to bring out the durian lover in you. 2015 will be a momentous year as Singapore marks the 50th anniversary of its independence, loyal customers as well as new patrons can look forward to an exciting line up of intense D24 and Mao Shan Wang durian goodness at the upcoming Durian Fiesta.

Keep an eye out for the hotel’s divine new concoctions, include the Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake, an inspired take on the sought after rainbow cake; and the Durian Carrot-Walnut Cake, a traditional bake deposited with pulpy durian cream instead of the typical cream cheese. Plus, there are also Durian Macarons and Mini Durian Chocolate Wafer Rolls in dainty forms that can bring you oodles of pleasure.

Starting from 16th March to 2nd August 2015, these strikingly new delights can be purchased at the hotel’s Deli from 9am to 9pm daily. Takeaway orders can be placed online at or via the hotline at (65) 6730-1786. 

Don’t miss out other signature items such as the Durian Puff, Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Strudel, Durian Crepe and D24 or Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream. The most notable dessert would be the alluring Durian Cappuccino Cake that was introduced in 2011 and is now making a comeback after a three-year absence.

You might also surrender to the limited edition Mao Shan Wang Horn, a conical pastry filled with creamy durian pulp and the Mao Shan Power Puff, a jumbo-sized profiterole; both available at the Deli only from 30th May to 2nd August 2015.


Durian Cappuccino Cake (L) and Durian Carrot-Walnut Cake (R)

Coffee lovers will love the 30-cm long stack of cappuccino mousse, lush durian mousse and chocolate sponge ensconced in yellow-gold crumbs of vanilla sponge. The dense carrot and walnut layer cake is jazzed up with velvety durian pulp and crusted all over with toasted almonds. 


Durian Mousse Cake
The star that launched the inaugural Durian Fiesta in 1983, this legendary cake is ultimate indulgence with generous lashings of pulpy D24 durian mousse. 

Durian Puff, Mini Durian Chocolate Wafer Rolls and Durian Macarons

A signature at Goodwood Park Hotel, the pretty puff have lavish swirls of creamy D24 durian carefully wedged between fluffy choux pastry cases. The thick wafer cylinders are delicate in size but filled with pulpy durian cream, blanketed in dark chocolate and finished with crunchy chopped nuts, while the french confection macarons are given a local slant, comprising creamy, pulpy durian sandwiched between crisp dark chocolate shells. 

These bite-sized desserts are available in a sampler combo, the perfect introduction to durian indulgence consists one slice each of Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Carrot-Walnut Cake and Durian Cappuccino Cake, plus two pieces each of Mini Durian Chocolate Wafer Roll and Durian Puff; available only from 16th March to 30th April 2015

Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

Goodwood Park Hotel‘s take on the trendy rainbow cake, this petite showstopper appeals to adults and children alike with vividly-coloured sponge hugging a core of luscious durian ice cream embedded with D24 pulp. 

  • Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake ($11.75 per piece)
  • Durian Carrot-Walnut Cake ($11.75 per slice; $72.75 for 1.4kg cake)
  • Mini Durian Chocolate Wafer Rolls ($32.10 for 10 pieces)
  • Durian Macarons ($22.45 for 6 pieces)
  • Durian Egg Tartlets ($6++ for 3 pieces) available only for dine-in at Min Jiang 
  • Mao Shan Wang Horn ($13.70 per piece) available only from 30 May to 2 August 2015, 12pm to 7pm
  • Durian Combo ($38.50 per box) available from 16 March to 30 April 2015


  • Durian Cappuccino Cake ($11.75 per slice; $62.05 for 1kg cake)
  • Durian Mousse Cake ($11.75 per slice; $68.50 for 1.3kg cake; $128.40 for 2.5kg cake; $176.55 for 3.5kg cake)
  • Durian Puff ($8.55 for 2 pieces; $21.40 for 6 pieces; $51.35 for 20 pieces)
  • Durian Strudel ($11.75 per slice; $62.05 for 1kg whole strudel) 
  • Durian Crepe ($9.65 per piece; $68.50 for 8 pieces)
  • D24 Durian Ice Cream ($18 per 16oz tub)
  • Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream ($24.40 per 16oz tub)
  • Mao Shan Power Puff ($19.05 per piece) available only from 30 May to 2 August 2015, 12pm to 7pm

From 30th May to 2nd August 2015 during lunch and dinner, Coffee Lounge will introduce the much-anticipated treat for durian fans; a dessert buffet which features a tempting range of durian pastries in addition to the regular desserts.

Goodwood Park Hotel
Address: 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221
Tel: (65) 6737 7411

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