Paradise Dynasty Unveils A Mystery Xiao Long Bao And 4 New Shanghai Dishes

Paradise Dynasty is partnering with OCBC Bank Singapore to introduce four new Shanghai dish creations and an exclusive Xiao Long Bao flavour which was first launched overseas in Hong Kong last year. This is probably the world’s first Mao Shan Wang Durian Xiao Long Bao and it is available at all Paradise Dynasty outlets for a limited period only. 

Marching in with new dish creations, Paradise Dynasty has introduced four popular dishes from Shanghai, with special prices for OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers and PGR members. The Braised Duck’s Tongue with Oyster Sauce is an appetiser, supple and flavourful after 2 hours of simmering, priced at $7.80 (U.P. $9.80). A perfect match with rice, a briny plate of spicy and sour Steamed Bullfrog with Diced Chilli seeks to surprise all with a taste that exceeds expectations, accompanied with exceptionally smooth meat, available at $13.80 (U.P. $15.80).

The crunchy and mildly spicy Stir-fried Asparagus, Bamboo Shoots and Bacon is a simple dish that requires excellent wok skills, which diners can enjoy at $10.80 (U.P. $13.80). Light, refreshing and good for lungs, Chilled Malva Nut Tree with Pear Bits is another popular Shanghai dessert available at $3.80 (U.P. $4.80).

Braised Duck’s Tongue with Oyster Sauce $7.80 (U.P. $9.80) / Stir-fried Asparagus and Bamboo Shoots with Bacon $10.80 (U.P. $13.80)

This is my first experience appreciating duck tongue, even though I am quite adventurous in experimenting tasting with food. Fortunately, it was a good experience thanks to the successful R&D from the stellar chefs at Paradise Group.

The delicate organ is surrounded by a faint hint of meat and papery thin layers of cartilage with juicy pockets of fat. It was marinaded and braised with sweet and soy sauce, and a tinge of spiciness from the chilli was added for flavour. If you ask me whether I will attempt to eat duck tongue again, my answer will be yes. 
The clean, simple flavours of the stir-fried asparagus and bamboo shoots gets a hint of spiciness from the dried chilli, and it makes a wonderful appetiser to start with. Bacon was added to the dish which gave a chewy texture together with a medley of fresh crisp and crunch. I wouldn’t mind having this dish all to myself.

Steamed Bullfrog with Diced Chilli $13.80 (U.P. $15.80)

The high in protein, low fat bullfrog dish with several nourishing benefits is much loved by the Chinese, including myself unknowingly have fallen in love with it since childhood days.

The plump, juicy, super-fresh bullfrogs were neatly sliced, steamed and covered with the special sauce that added to hint of spiciness from the chilli. I actually found this dish a little too spicy for me, but it was still enjoyable.

Chilled Malva Nut Tree with Pear Bits $3.80 (U.P. $4.80)

Malva Nut, a commonly used Chinese herb with healing and preventive properties is used as the key ingredients for this chilled dessert. It is light and refreshing, and bears a similar sensory of eating a Cheng Tng dessert.

Mao Shan Wang Xiao Long Bao – Basket of 6 / $8.80 (U.P. $10.80)

The star highlight of the launch and also the sweet finale, is the steamed xiao long bao generously filled with the most prized type of durians – Mao Shan Wang. Best eaten when its served piping-hot, durian lovers will be deeply allured by the sweet scent and distinctive taste of the fruit. I would recommend to have the Mao Shan Wang Xiao Long Bao order served at the last, simply to mark a perfect finish to a satisfying and fulfilling meal.

The above promotion of new Shanghai dish creations and Mao Shan Wang Xiao Long Bao is available at all Paradise Dynasty outlets from 9 March to 31 May 2015. Promotion is valid daily except eve of PH and public holidays. 

You can find the Paradise Dynasty outlet nearest to you here

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