Breakfast And Brunch At Medzs Bistro And Bar

MEDZS Bistro & Bar – a bistro by day and bar by night is the third outlet and newest concept of the cashless Mediterranean restaurant MEDZS. Opened in April 2014, this unique bistro & bar offers an all-day dining menu where patrons can enjoy a wide array of breakfast, brunch and dinner items at great value. It is also one of the first in Singapore to offer the latest Kirin frozen fruit beers in flavours such as strawberry, mango and lychee.

Catering to the needs of busy working executives in the Central Business District, MEDZS Bistro & Bar offers a more diverse breakfast menu for dine-in, as well as for grab-pay-and-go concept at the display counter.

There are delightful breakfast items like Laugenbrotchen with Pork Bierschinken & Red Cheddar Cheese ($12.90), Beef Pastrami with French Rustic Baguette ($12.90), Scramble Eggs with Chicken Sausage, Mushroom and Bacon ($5.90) and more or choose from a selection of Viennoiserie Mini Croissants on display for takeaway. 

On weekdays from Monday to Friday, breakfast are served from 8am to 11am, while on Saturdays, the breakfast hours are extended to an all-day dining concept, so you can indulge in brunch and enjoy other delectable items such as artisan sandwiches, pasta salads and MEDZS signature pastry cakes are available on the bistro menu (order chit).
The dining concept at MEDZS Bistro & Bar is casual and fuss-free. Simply (1) fill in the order chit with your orders with your table number, (2) make payment at the cashier, and (3) the food will be brought to your table. 
Artisan Sandwiches & Baguette
  • Beef Pastrami with Rustic Baguette (French) – $12.90
  • Olive Ciabatta with Prosciutto & Veal Paprika Lyoner Ham (Italian) – $12.90 
  • Italian Panini Bread with Tomato Capresse & Buffalo Mozzarella (Italian) – $12.90
  • Laugen Brotchen with Pork Bierschinken & Red Cheddar Cheese (German) – $11.90
Egg White Scramble with Smoked Salmon Gravlax – $4.90


Scramble Eggs with Chicken Sausage, Mushroom and Bacon – $5.90
Viennoiserie Mini Croissants (Cold Display) 
  • Prawn & Sesame Dressing – $3.90
  • Turkish-spiced Chicken – $3.90
  • Home-made Cured Salmon – $3.90
  • Lemonade Crab Meat Mayo – $4.90
  • Pork Ham & Cheese – $3.90
French Bread Pizza – Stone Oven Olive Bread (traditional) in a french pizza style
  • Stuffed Cheesy Pull-apart Bread with Parsley & Basil – $9.90
  • Magherita (Buffolo Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato & Basil) – $12.90
  • Beef Pepperoni Salami. Spicy Chorizo & Olives – $12.90
  • Honey Baked Ham & Roasted Pineapple – $12.90
  • Pesto Herbs & White Mushroom Cream – $12.90
  • Al Fruiti De Mare (Prawn, Tuna & Crab) – $13.90
MEDZ Pastry Sliced Cakes
  • Salted Caramel Cheese Cake – $6.90 
  • MEDZS Signature Rainbow Cake – $6.90 
  • Red Velvet Cake – $6.90
MEDZS Breakfast Promotion
  • From now till 31 March 2015, you can enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee on MEDZS with dine-in or take-away purchase of any breakfast item from 8am to 11am.
  • For all takeaway purchase on display, you can get to enjoy 50% off the stated price.
  • Above promotion is valid till 31 March 2015.
MEDZS Bistro & Bar

Address: 24 Raffles Place #01-01 Clifford Centre Singapore 238896

Phone: 6536 1917
Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 8am to 10pm
Friday 8am to 11pm
Saturday 11am to 8pm

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