Tony’s Pizza – A Slice Of New York

If you are wondering what a New York style pizza is like, here are the answers. New York-style pizza is traditionally hand-tossed and consist the basic form of a light layer of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese that’s just all. 

New York-style pizza is characterised by large hand-tossed thin-crust pies, and the pizzas are commonly sold in wide slices. The pies at Tony’s Pizza are large around 18 inches (45 cm) in diameter, and cut into 8 slices. At Tony’s Pizza, you can have your pie by slice, half or even full which is ideal for families. 
To cater to Singaporean’s tastebuds, Tony’s Pizza has introduced additional toppings to be placed atop the cheese. Read on more to find out what pizza flavours and toppings are available. 

Tony’s Pizza flagship store located at 397 River Valley Road offer customers a quick meal and take-aways. The second outlet at Bugis Junction has a higher sit-in ratio, and provide customers more comfort for dine-in. 

The dining concept of Tony’s Pizza is simple and casual. Firstly, check out the menus available at every table, then order and make payment at the counter, lastly grab a seat and have your orders brought to you. What I like most about Tony’s Pizza, is their friendly pricing – what you see is exactly what you pay, there is no service charge and tax making things easy as you will not get frustrated when splitting the bill with your group of friends. 

Buffalo Wings 6 pieces – $5.90 / 12 pieces – $10.90 / 24 pieces – $20

Not limited to pizzas, Tony’s Pizza offers a selection of pastas, sandwiches, salad and sides including the signature Buffalo Wings which comes in 6, 12 or 24 pieces. They are deep-fried and tossed in Tony’s Pizza special house-made sauce. If you are a buffalo wings warrior, you can challenge yourself to 3 different spicy level – Mild, Hot and Atomic. 

But if you are shy about spicy food (just like me), I will recommend you to go for “Naked” or Barbecue (BBQ) buffalo wings with the blue cheese dressing for dipping.

Tony’s Special Meatball Pasta ($12.90)

The meatballs with Tony’s Pizza special house-made tomato sauce gives this dish a really wonderful flavour and texture. Kids and adults alike will go mad for this simple meatball tomato sauce pasta, no doubts about it. 

Smoked Duck Black Pepper Cream ($14.90)

For those looking for something with a little punch, you can try the Smoked Duck Black Pepper Cream Pasta. The smoked duck were tender resting on the al dente penne and finished with house-made black pepper cream sauce.

All The Works ($14.90) 

In addition to the line up of pizzas and sides, Tony’s Pizza now offers a selection of burgers – Classic ($8.90), Creamy Cheesy Mushrooms ($9.90) and All The Works ($14.90). 

The All The Works burger features two grilled beef patties, onions, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, tater tots, bacons and tangy mayo sauce. You can complete your meal with a set combo (include side wedges and soft drink) by adding $2 at lunch or $4.90 at dinner. 

Here comes the star of Tony’s Pizza, the pizzas of course. There are more than 8 selections of pizzas, namely; Classic Hawaiian, BBQ Supreme, Love For Veggie, All Time Favourite Meat Lover, Spicy Buffalo Chicken, Tony’s Signature, or just go classic with Cheese. Prices for a slice of New York-style pizza start from $4.90 for the cheese, $7 for the classic flavours, except for premium flavours at $8 each slice. 

At Tony’s Pizza, you have the flexibility to create your own pizza by adding the toppings you prefer (additional charge from $1.20) to the pizza, or challenge yourself to the full pie 18″ ($44-$48) or half 18″ ($18.90-$28).

Classic Pizza Flavours and Toppings

  1. Classic Hawaiian – Honey baked ham and pineapples
  2. Tony’s Signature – Pepperoni, sausages, onions, bell peppers, black olives, jalapeño peppers
  3. BBQ Supreme – Roast chicken, sausages, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, honey bbq sauce
  4. Love For Veggie – Mushrooms, spinach, bell peppers, black olives
  5. All Time Favourite Meat Lovers – Honey baked ham, salami, pepperoni
  6. Spicy Buffalo Chicken – Roast chicken, mushrooms, buffalo wing sauce 
  7. Cheese – Mozzarella cheese
Premium Flavours and Toppings
  1. Seafood Fiesta – Prawns, mussels, squid rings, battered calamari rings, garlic pesto mayo
  2. Truffle – Mushrooms, truffle, mozzarella

While it will always seem like a good idea to keep every last piece of food to yourself, it may work differently when it comes to pizza. I am sure you have figure that out as pizza are perfect for sharing, you can consider getting a larger group of friends the next time you go out to eat. 

Tony’s Pizza offers a line of promotions, such as Student special, Lunch Combos, Late Night 1-for-1 and more. Check out their Website and/or Facebook for ongoing promotions*. Terms and Conditions apply*. 
Tony’s Pizza (Bugis Junction)
Address: 200 Victoria Street #01-68 Singapore 188021

Opening Hours
11am – 10pm (Sunday – Thursday)
11am – 11pm (Friday and Saturday)

Tony’s Pizza (River Valley)
Address: 397 River Valley Road Singapore 248292

Opening Hours
11am – 11pm (Monday – Saturday)
10.30am – 11pm (Sunday)

Delivery Hotline: 6777-4992 

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