Joyden Canton Kitchen – Brilliantly Simple And Comforting

The westies will be familiar with the name Joyden Seafood Restaurant serving up some of the best seafood in that region for more than ten years. The Joyden brand has set a new dining establishment – Joyden Canton Kitchen in the northwest of Singapore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We heard that Joyden have plans to open another outlet next year, possibly with a different dining concept from its present and located somewhere in the east region of Singapore. There is always something to joy about no matter where you are. 

Housed in a new mall in the residential neighbourhood of Hillview along Upper Bukit Timah, the spacious 120-seater boasts a casual dining concept ideal for families and friends to get together over a weeknight dinner. The restaurant features a contemporary interior design and offers a serene and laid-back atmosphere to its diners. At Joyden Canton Kitchen, you can expect an array of refined and comforting dishes at the most affordable prices.

The menu have been carefully curated by the owner and the culinary team at Joyden that involved a six-month process of extensive field trips to various parts of Guangdong Province and beyond, including multiple researches and kitchen tests to deliver the best of Joyden’s original dishes to its customers. Here are some of the traditional and contemporary dishes offered at Joyden Canton Kitchen. 

Crispy Golden Lotus Root Chips ($8)

Lotus Roots Chips, also known as Renkon Chips are served at Joyden Canton Kitchen as one of their appetiser dishes. I love eating crisp and these homemade lotus crisp are a healthy substitute, seasoned with fragrant spices and lightly fried to crispy, chewy perfection.

Chicken with Fresh Huai Shan and Wolfberry in Old Coconut Soup ($12.80)

A simple Chinese soup can be surprisingly tasty with just chicken and coconut as the ingredients. The chicken yields the fragrance and natural sweetness from the old coconut flesh unexpectedly over three hours of slow cooking and steaming. This is the simplest, yet tastiest chicken herbal soup I tasted so far, and I almost cannot believe my taste bud, but it is true. 

Other nourishing claypot soups include perennial favourites such as Old Cucumber with Dried Oyster and Prime Rib Soup ($15.80) and Lotus Root with Dried Cuttlefish and Prime Rib Soup ($15.80). All the soup servings are good for 2 to 4 person. 

Crispy Homemade Prawn and Pork Roll ($8.50)

Golden chunks of prawns, pork and water chestnut with sweet sauce dip is another appetiser dish on Joyden’s menu. You can expect other starters such Crispy Eggplant with Pork Floss, Fried Carrot Cake with XO sauce, and two other tofu dishes. Not forgetting their signature appetiser, the Traditional Chicken Wings filled with Fragrant Glutinous Rice is also a must try. 

Braised Homemade Beancurd Coin with Poached Shanghai Baby Cabbage ($14.80)

Those golden coin shaped like patties are made from homemade bean curd, seafood and vegetables then fried for a unique texture. Sitting on a bed of soft, young baby cabbage steamed in a viscous, milky and sweet superior pork broth. This signature dish is suitable for those looking for a healthy option, as it is packed with several nutritious components. 

Joyden Signature Soy Sauce Chicken ($12 Quarter / $18 Half / $32 Whole)

Soy sauce chicken is probably one of the most popular Cantonese dish and the one at Joyden Canton Kitchen is a must try. The chicken is gently steeped in a secret blend of superior light sauce and other herbs, then skilfully poached to achieve that silky skin and tender, pull apart meat. 

Rosewater, a special and traditional ingredient usually found in high end restaurants is used in the preparation of this dish. The perfume of the rosewater lifts a refreshing and subtle floral sweetness to the chicken, it turned a simple dish into a beautifully fragrant creation. You can order the Joyden Signature Soy Sauce Chicken in quarter, half or whole servings, I would recommend order a whole if your family are big eaters or at least half, and you will not regret. 

Signature Traditional Hakka Salt Poached Farm Chicken ($17)

Another must try meat dish is the Traditional Hakka Salt Poached Farm Chicken, where the whole kampong bird is gently steeped with salt and herbal stock and then rested to fully absorb the flavours. Some Hakka or Cantonese restaurants offer salt baked chicken on the menu, but this is slightly different due to its preparation and cooking techniques. I personally prefer this chicken meat dish over the former, maybe because I am a Hakka and I am a little biased. The dish was well executed, it doesn’t get unbearably salty and you are greeted with the haunting aroma and taste of the salt with the herbs. This is served well with Joyden‘s secret recipe ginger sauce. 

Other recommended meat dishes include the Cantonese Roast Duck ($14/$27/$50), Signature Crispy Shar-Pi Roast Pork ($12) and Barbecue Pork Char Siew ($10). 

Sliced Grouper Fillet with Pine Mushroom and Black Fungus in Rice Wine Broth ($17.80)

Claypot dishes are one of the key features on Joyden‘s menu. Here’s a pot of comforting fish soup with sliced fillets from Grouper, a mild fish from the sea bass family known for its moist meat and high in oil content which can be paired with multiple food such as rice and vegetables and is great for cooking soup dishes. The flesh of the grouper is plump and tender, swimming in the delicately warm rice wine broth that doesn’t scratch your throat or burn your tongue.

Fish Maw and Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce ($18.80)

I don’t really fancy eating fish maw but this claypot dish of Fish Maw and Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce scored full marks in my book unexpectedly. This mouth watering dish stars a homemade XO sauce of dried scallops and premium Jin Hua Ham, that complements the chewy fish maw and springy glass noodles well. Although it was a little too spicy for me, it didn’t stopped me from eating more. 

Braised Pork Ribs in Aged Mandarin Peel Sauce ($16.80)
You will find many types of braised pork ribs cooked in a variety of sauces but few serve them in aged mandarin peel sauce, which is a refreshing spin on the typical coffee or champagne variations. The smoky taste of this braised pork ribs dish is quite different from the rest, that is because the recipe yields from Joyden’s own unique recipe. The rib meat is juicy and succulent, coated with a wonderfully tasty sauce which goes well with steamed rice. Pork meat lovers should totally go for this dish.
Traditional Rice Vermicelli with Poached Egg White, Crabmeat and Scallop ($15.80)

This is somewhat similar to the silky Hor Fun with Egg (滑蛋河), but instead of flat rice noodles they used rice vermicelli coupled with crabmeat, scallop and special sauce for the silky smooth texture. This is definitely my go to comfort food, and with that lovely poached egg it will never go wrong. 

Desserts ($4.50 each)

For desserts, there are only five selection on the menu and all centred towards the traditional Chinese dessert. They are Fresh Mango Pudding, Red Bean Soup with Glutinous Rice Dumplings, Homemade Herbal Guilin Jelly, Sago and Pomelo in Mango Juice and Beancurd skin with Barley and Gingko Nut Sweet Soup, each serving at $4.50. 

Homemade Hawthorne and Apple drink ($4)

To complement every meal, sip on the cooling Homemade Hawthorne and Apple Drink, thoughtfully created to ease digestion and cleanse the palette. The drink is made fresh daily and comprises only natural ingredients and fruit.

Brilliantly simple and comforting, Joyden Canton Kitchen has won my heart and I am sure it will continue to win the palates of customers with their wholesome and superior Cantonese fare. For those who wish to enjoy their dim sum delicacies, they are available daily from 11:30am till 4:30pm.

Joyden Canton Kitchen 
4 Hillview Rise #02-21 HillV2 
Singapore 667979
Tel: (65) 6465 9988

Business Hours (Daily)
Lunch/Dinner: 11:30 am – 9:30pm
Dim Sum: 11:30am – 4:30pm 

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