Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill – A Taste Of Royalty

Serving the specialty cuisine from the province of Northern India, Pind Balluchi an award winning stalwart restaurant from India presents a refreshed menu with sumptuous offerings including Pind Balluchi signatures and exciting new additions. 

Located in Clarke Quay, one of Singapore’s hottest nightlife and dining enclave in the city, Pind Balluchi aims to redefine restaurant dining by offering delicious and authentic Indian cuisine, fine dining style in exquisite and lavish settings at affordable prices you wouldn’t believe.

The revamped menu of the restaurant is specially designed keeping in view the requisite of the North Indian food hunters. 

To get you started, go for the latest vegetarian highlight from the grill, Dahi Ke Kebab, an extremely delicious melt-in-the-mouth grilled yoghurt kebab, mixed with bell peppers and deep-fried till perfect golden for the fabulous contrast in texture. 

Another melt-in-the-mouth kebab is the Galouti Kebab. The meat patties are delicately infused with over 130 spices and grilled to lend the smoky flavour. This lamb kebab is so soft that you don’t need your teeth to bite it, and honestly I am not joking. This toothless cult dish has a legendary identity, which bring us back to 1880s where this delicacy is created for the royal ruler.

The Tangri Kebab, is one starter that is not presented in a form of meat patties. It is a chargrilled chicken drumstick, deliciously juicy and tender on the inside, and coated with a lovely flavorful marinade of yoghurt, cream and cheese on the outside. 

A very flavourful and interesting side dish, Alu-Bukhara Kebab is finely minced lamb patties infused with Indian herbs, smoked with cloves, and filled with tasty prunes. 

Another noteworthy option is the Amritsari Fish, which was my top pick among the other starters. The crisp chickpea battered fish fillet is well-flavoured with a mixture of Indian spices and an alluring hint of carom seeds. 

Moving on the mains are a selection of vibrant curries, vegetarian dishes and the essential accompaniments of rice and freshly made bread. As with most Indian cuisine, you can expect bold flavours and rich colours on your plate.

The Rara Chicken is steeped in a gravy of spicy mince and soaked with Pind Balluchi‘s garam masala. This is like a dry version of chicken curry and minced chicken. 

Pindi Choley is a very popular main course dish Punjabi cuisine. They are slow braised chickpeas flavoured with carom, onions, tomatoes and Pind Balluchi‘s garam masala.

Adraki Aloo Gobhi, simply means potatoes and cauliflower, a combination of two beloved vegetables cooked together with a meaningful punch of ginger.

Palak Paneer, without a doubt is the most recognised Indian restaurant dish around. The spinach are studded with cubes of cottage cheese and blended with garlic and ginger for the extra flavours. 

Wadi Pulao is an Indian rice recipe tossed together with a selection of grounded spices and fresh herbs, along with soya bean nuggets. With mixed raita as accompaniment, it makes a great one pot meal. 

The Mixed Raita consist of diced onions, cucumbers and tomatoes tossed with roasted cumin and homemade yoghurt. 

North India is one of the major producers of wheat and bread is definitely a part of their staple diet. Few Indian breads are stuffed with ingredients and it was a pleasant surprise to find Peshawari Naan here, which is a refined flour bread stuffed with nuts and fruits.

The other assorted breads are the traditional Plain Naan and Missi Roti, an Indian bread made with a combination of wheat flour and gram flour with seasoned with spices such as coriander, ginger and chilli flakes.

For a sweet ending to the meal, try the Kesar Rasgulla, which is a light and fluffy saffron poached cottage cheese ball primary made from scented milk and is the most popular Bengali sweet in India. If you are a great fan of Indian desserts, you will indulge in this pleasing coloured juicy cheese balls. 

If you want a taste of ancient India flavours, Pind Balluchi specialises in dishes that are executed with finesse and boasts unadulterated authentic flavours. 

Pind Balluchi also offers an irresistible buffet spread of eleven exquisite dishes between 6pm to 9pm every Thursday, for $40 per person inclusive of a glass of Sula wine from India.

Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill

3B River Valley Road, #01-15 Clarke Quay
Singapore 179021
Tel: +65 6337 7350


Opening Hours
Lunch: Sat – Sun 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: Tue – Sun 6pm – 12am
Bar & Grill: Sun – Tue 6pm – 1am / Wed – Sat 6pm – 3am

Restaurant Photos Credit: Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill


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