boCHINche Argentinean Meat And Gourmet Market – Having Fun With Fine Food and Fresh Flavours

boCHINche, the Argentinean restaurant went through a facelift the last couple of weeks, bringing us a brand new look and exciting gourmet experience.

The moment you step into the restaurant, you will naturally be attracted by the bright colours and swing into the mood of shopping.

Yes, you heard me correctly I just said shopping. The Argentinean stock market was the latest mischief that boCHINche was up to. The front section of the restaurant has transformed into a gourmet market, where you can shop for quality products imported from Argentina and other parts of the world.

The boCHINche market carry a good selection of gourmet meat, dairy products, pantry basics, wines and other speciality items. The gourmet market may not be large in terms of space, but it has a wide variety of unique, and high quality products.

I will not be able to list out every single item from the market as there are nearly 100 speciality products here, you probably could see them from the photos here or better make a trip down to boCHINche for a one-stop shop and dine experience.

The chefs and food experts at boCHINche are also on hand to provide cooking tips and wine pairing suggestions.

Jam lovers should keep an eye out for the speciality jam section, because there are about ten types of homemade jam available only at the boCHINche market. I was told that these exclusive jars of jams were personally sourced by the well respected Chef Jacquet, you will not be able to find them anywhere else in Singapore except at boCHINche.

The honey in glass jars and artisan tea leaves in tin cans were handpicked from London. I regretted for not grabbing a few jars of jam and honey after leaving the restaurant, but I know for sure I will be shopping when I am back at boCHINche.

These blue conical looking sweets are chocolates from the Latin America, one of the world’s finest chocolate that is believed to possess a magical alluring quality which one can enjoy alone, or elegantly cut to share with others.

What boCHINche used to be was sleek and modern, the Argentine restaurant has loosen up and adding a casual buzzy vibe now. The centre section of the restaurant flanking two rows of bar tables did not changed entirely, you can still grab a seat by the open-concept kitchen to watch the chefs in action. Or sit by the bar to make chatter with the charming bartenders while enjoying your drinks.

The main dining section of the restaurant has a more relaxed setting and brighter space inspired by both vintage and street styles. The lights maybe dim as the night gets late, giving you a cozy and perfect setting to enjoy your cocktail or wine.

The outdoor seating at the al fresco area will be comforting for private moments and great for weekend brunch.

Chef Diego Jacquet was recently back in town fuelling up the restaurant and putting together a refreshed menu offering high quality dishes at a more relaxed price point.

Look at what’s on my hand, would you believe that this is a menu? I couldn’t believe it myself too when I first saw it.

boCHINche’s new refreshed menu is crafted around a robust grill, classic hot starters, a refreshing cold bar and over ten complementary sides.

Crab on Toast, Humita, Pickled Turnips and Chopped Coriander ($19)

This is on par with a good crab sandwich, simple yet indulging. I love the contrast in textures, with the soft pile of seasoned crab meat over the crispiness of the toast, the result is just too satisfying.

Sea Bream Ceviche, Tiger’s Milk and Sweet Potato ($15)

The Sea Bream Ceviche is a very delicate and prized fish in piquant dressing commonly found in Central and South America. The ceviche has been accented by the sweet potato cubes, you can drink the liquid that remains after the ceviche has been eaten.

I enjoyed this cold dish very much due to its sparkling combination of fresh raw fish and zesty marinade.

Roasted Bone Marrow, Caramelized Onions, Quince and Parsley ($13)

This is my very first time eating a bone marrow, and I have no idea what to expect. I just had to try it because I learnt that it is a rich nutrient dense food. It has a soft, gelatinous, creamy texture; I am not saying that I dislike it after tasting. I just couldn’t describe or find the right word, maybe to put it simple if you have acquired the taste already, you will love this.

If you ask me would I go for the bone marrow the next time, my answer is yes I would probably try again.

Beetroot and Tomatoes Salad, Goat’s Cheese Garrapinada and Marjoram ($15)

This makes a great meatless salad to start; the savoury taste of the crusty goat curd balls balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the beetroot and tomatoes. A humble basic for some, but a gourmet delight for me.

Green Asparagus, Baked Brie and Grated Granola ($19)

Beautiful and bright green asparagus are addictive, especially when they are roasted with brie and grated granola. Two thumbs up for this bubbly dish.

Tomato and Chopped Basil ($10)

Tomatoes with chopped basil, just a salad nothing exciting to me. But makes a good option for the health conscious eaters.

Chips “Provenzal” ($10)

Fries are often a highlight of the meal; crisp, tasty and addictive. One dish in particular that always have a unique place in our hearts and minds. The world will be simpler and in harmony if I could have all the chips to myself.

Sirloin Steak ($49)

Beautifully grilled grass-fed beef from the plains of Argentine featured strongly on boCHINche‘s new menu. This is the 300gram sirloin steak ($49), which was luxuriously beefy and retaining a bite. Ribeye steak, Beef Fillet and Flank Steak are also available if you prefer a different cut.

Lamb Chops, Anchovies Salsa Verde and Chopped Mint ($45)

Lamb have tender, juicy meat that is best served slightly pink. The lamb chops are larger and meatier, but unfortunately also richer in their fats. These were heavily crowned and covered with fats, which exposed only a small amount of meat.

This was the only dish that didn’t live to my expectation; the combination of flavours just didn’t lend a heady fragrant aroma to the humble lamb chop.

“Dulce de leche” Crème Brulee and Banana Split Ice-Cream ($17)

The Dulce de leche creme brulee is a combination of milk and sugar that has been slowly heated until it takes on a brown and caramel like appearance. Top it off with a scoop of banana split ice cream to add a versatility of flavors. This is my favorite second to the Milk Cake (not featured), which is one of the main dessert attraction at boCHINche.

Chocolate Pudding, Salted Caramel, Berries & Brioche Croutons ($16)

Chocolate and salted caramel are one of the best marriage in desserts. I was fantasizing about replacing the brioche croutons to waffle sticks and dipping them into the thick chocolate pudding, indulging slowly rather than finishing it too quickly with a spoon.

The combination of the chocolate and salted caramel wasn’t cloyingly sweet; and the brioche croutons and berries wasn’t boring either.

Creme Caramel, “Dulce de leche” and Chocolate Crumble ($13)

Another Dulce de leche dessert at boCHINche, is the milk jelly with chocolate crumble and creme caramel. You can eat it on its own or mix together for a full fantasy of flavour. A friend of mine commented that the photo looks subjective. I responded to him jokingly that if this looks like sh*t to you, then it is a pretty tasty good sh*t!

You probably would have known that this isn’t my first visit at boCHINche. You can find my last review here. I always enjoyed the food and dining experience here; despite the innocuous location, I find it quite hard not to come back again. The tempting new market and refreshed Argentine menu are definitely one of those foremost dining destinations that you should check out.


Address: 22 Martin Road #02-01, Singapore 239058

Reservations: +65 6235 4990

Opening Hours: Tue-Thu Dinner 5:30 pm – 12:00 am | Fri Dinner 5:30 pm – 1:00 am | Sat Brunch 11:00 am – 4:30 pm, Dinner 5:30 pm – 1:00 am | Sun Brunch 11:00 am – 4:30 pm, Dinner 5:30 pm – 12:00 am



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