CoCo ICHIBANYA Introduces It’s First Cafe-Style Concept In The World

CoCo ICHIBANYA, the world most famous curry rice from Japan, opens its 4th outlet in Singapore at Westgate. 

The restaurant is splashed with vibrant hues that makes it looking fresh and cosy with its indoor booth seats and breezy outdoor seating area. 

This is CoCo ICHIBANYA‘s first cafe-style concept, a perfect gathering place for both families and groups of friends alike. 

Fans of the famous Japanese curry house will be happy to know that the signature curry rice are all available at this new outlet. The menu offerings carry curry rice with meat (chicken/pork), seafood and option for vegetarians. 

Pork Cutlet Curry (Omelette)

The unique feature of CoCo ICHIBANYA is that it allows customers to customise their orders. 

First, select the type of curry you want (meat/seafood/veggies). Then select the quantity of rice, the standard rice portion is 250 grams you can either increase the portion if you are hungry, or reduce it by 100 grams if you are carb-conscious and get a dollar discount.  

Select the level of spice from 1 to 5, with level 1 the lightest level of spice or challenge yourself to crazy hot spiciness at level 5. 

Additional toppings such as hard boiled egg, bacon, cheese, eggplant and more are available from $1 onwards.

Fried Chicken Curry (Omelette)

Widely known as the “King of Japanese Curry”, CoCo ICHIBANYA curry is mildly spicy and a tad sweeter than traditional curry. It is considered a perfect treat for me as I do not have tolerance to take spicy food. 

The meat (pork cutlet / fried chicken) and omelette were not striking, but I am not complaining as the curry was thick, rich and flavourful enough. I had great comfort eating something that I was intimately familiar with, Japanese curry always an enjoyment for me. 

Bacon Salad ($6.00)

You can complete your meal by adding fried snacks or healthy sides like green salads. There are more than 8 salad options to choose from, and the portion is good for two to share. 

Exclusive only to this Westgate outlet, CoCo ICHIBANYA introduces speciality pancakes addition to their menu. There are four variants – Caramel Nutty Pancake ($7.90), Banana Choco Pancake, Rainbow Fruity Pancake, and Happy Berry Pancake (all $8.90).

The pancakes are made-to-order, so that customers will get only the fluffiest and freshest pancakes. We were told that each batch of batter is only enough to make six pancakes, and they are different from other types of pancakes available on the market.

The pancakes at CoCo ICHIBANYA are small enough to enjoy on your own, and they are fluffier than the regular American style pancakes. The texture resembles the Dorayaki, a Japanese confection that is full of bite and not too cloyingly sweet. 
Banana Choco Pancake ($8.90)

Banana Choco Pancake, a classic combination of sliced fresh bananas, strawberries, and chocolate and custard sauce.

Caramel Nutty Pancake ($7.90)

Caramel Nutty Pancake comes with a generous serving of whole mixed nuts, as well as vanilla ice cream, sweet caramel and custard sauce. 

Rainbow Fruity Pancake ($8.90)

Rainbow Fruity Pancake is topped with fresh strawberries and mixed fruits, lightly dusted with icing sugar, and topped with custard, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 

The fourth pancake not featured here is the Happy Berry Pancake ($8.90). It comes with blueberries and strawberries, served custard sauce and whipped cream. 

With 1,275 outlets worldwide and counting, CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry House is the largest chain of Japanese curry restaurant in the world. CoCo ICHIBANYA offers a fuss-free and quick tasty meal. The main takeaway lies in its delicious Japanese curry and highly customisable menu. 

The fluffy pancakes were really good, however I think that the toppings were a little ordinary. I was told that it is the soft launch of their pancakes, they are still improving it and it’s good to know that they are taking customers feedback to heart. 
I think that CoCo ICHIBANYA bold take on the cafe-style concept and introduction of pancakes will be receptive on the road. 
It is quite an unexpected surprise to find pancakes in a curry house, and so if you are around the neighbourhood, do check out CoCo ICHIBANYA

Address: Westgate 3 Gateway Drive #01-02, Singapore 608532
Tel: 6710 7062 

Opening Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 9.30pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm

Instagram: (@coco_ichibanya)

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