Juicing With Punch Detox – Remedy To Lighten Up Your Life

PUNCH DETOX (2014) – Hong Kong First and Leading Cleanse Program had arrived in our shores recently and I was privileged to attend a recent Punch Detox tea-cum-sharing session at Flutes last month. 

I have never been on any cleanse program before, and probably the worst health-noob when it comes to health concerns, from the way you see me eat you can clearly tell. 
But why do I choose to take up the program?
People do juice cleanses for all sorts of reasons, from starting a new diet or changing an exercise regime or most commonly known is slimming down and losing weight, which naturally leads to being healthier and better-feeling.  

My reasons are just the same, and I actually found out with juice cleansing, you get results fast (which is true).

To help me reap the benefits of juicing, Punch Detox has developed a 3-day cleanse that I can start easy right at home, at work or even outside. Read on to find out more about my experience with Punch Detox

Here’s the package that I have received from Punch Detox – 3 cooler bags with 6 bottles each day, 18 bottles in total (measuring tape excluded). 

Start by drinking the juices in order that they were numbered (1,2,3,4,5,6) with #1 being breakfast and repeat for the next 2 days. 

And if you are wondering what am I drinking, there is always something different.

#1 – Citrus Punch, ingredients such as lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, agave nectar, etc. 
#2 – Green Punch, ingredients such as parsley, cucumber, green apple, kale, celery, etc.
#3 – Red Punch, ingredients such as beetroot, carrot, red apples, ginger, orange, etc
#4 – Fruit Punch, ingredients such as pineapple, watermelon, lime, acai berry. 
#5 – GazPuncho, ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumber, sea salt, cider vinegar, etc
#6 – Nut Punch, ingredients such as raw almond, raw cashews, agave nectar, sea salt, etc. 

Each of the raw, living-food juices comes with many benefits, where the body will respond to the difference. 

The juices are stored nicely in the fridge. The cooler bags provided will be very useful throughout the cleanse for transport when outside, while adding a few ice packs in the bag will help keeping the juices chilled. 

I cannot go on 100% juice cleanse entirely. I need to eat during the juice cleanse, but I’ll try to eat something that are raw, gluten-free and nutritious. 

I drink coffee everyday and love desserts, I know I cannot abstain from these at all. And I admit that I cheated a little bit during the cleanse, but I still continue to drink the juices and eventually completed the 3-day juicing. Think of it as how much you have done, not how much you haven’t done. I think I did a great job for trying, but what about you.

Punch Detox is designed specially for busy people. You don’t have to change your work schedule and lifestyle completely because you have no time. You can still continue with your regular routine, and bring along the juices wherever you go. 

For those whom have not tried any detox program before, you must wondering will things get frazzled when doing a cleanse. 

During the juice cleanse, our energy levels will change and it is recommended that you limit yourself to light exercises and pay extra attention to what your body needs before, during and after exercising.

May suggest doing some introspective activities, instead of jumping into something that is strenuous or exhausting. Come to think of it, it’s just 3-days. Take time to relax, and experience the goodness. 

The first picture (2 Sep) was taken before I start on the cleanse, my waistline measurement was 33″ and the second picture (4 Sept) was taken on the last day of the 3-day cleanse. My waistline measurement actually gone down by one inch to 32″, that was absolutely amazing and good to know that juicing worked well for me. 

You know that pictures couldn’t lie and you shouldn’t even doubt about it. The photos have not be modified at all, except for the input of dates and arrows. 

The last picture you see above was taken just before I wrote this post into day 4 without juicing, but still maintaining my diet. 

I can clearly see the deposits of my “love handles” losing, which is a good indicator that I am on the right track.

This was my first step toward a long-lasting lifestyle change, Punch Detox gave me the opportunity to jumpstart my weight-loss regime, and also help me to retrain my taste buds. Now I have lesser cravings for sinful food, and will continue to work hard on my psychological connection to food. 

Juicing with Punch Detox have added some variety to my diet, and I discovered a whole new body feeling refreshed and healthier now. 

I never thought that the results can be so satisfying, Thank you Punch Detox for bringing goodness to my life. 

In the month of September, you can opt for the “Couple Cleanse” and enjoy $100 off your purchases. This offer is limited to the first 50 customers. 

Punch Detox is available for order online at http://www.punchdetox.com.sg 

Each three-day juice cleanse comes complete with 18 bottles and is priced at $330 nett, inclusive of delivery. Individual juices can be purchased at $20 nett per 500ml bottle, with a minimum order of 6 bottles. 

Punch Detox offers two levels of cleanse to suit varying needs – level one is an easier cleanse most suitable for beginners while level two provides a deeper cleanse made with less fruits and more vegetables.

Punch Detox juices come in 100% bio-degradable, compact, square-shaped bottles for easy storage, and are delivered in tidy soft-cooler bags that keep juices chilled for daily commutes.

You can get more facts and learn what is right for you at the website below. 

Happy Juicing!

Punch Detox  

2 thoughts on “Juicing With Punch Detox – Remedy To Lighten Up Your Life

  1. what an honest post, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting the cleanse with a bite here and there! the most important essence – which i think you got it – is discovering a newfound sense of what's good for your body


  2. Thank you Bridget for your comment. I did not anticipate any positive results at the beginning, because I am a regular coffee drinker and enjoy eating processed food and cannot go without them. I was really amazed with the results in such a short time frame. If one asked me if I will go on a cleanse program again in future, I would reply a yes. Thank you Punch Detox for the amazing juices.


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