For West Is Where We All Plan To Go Someday – Cafes In The West

The cafe boom in Singapore is seriously not letting up. New cafes sprouting up on this tiny island are knocking us off faster than we keep up. 

There are at least 20 newly opened cafes in the East the last 8 months. The numbers just keep growing and fueling the trend of hungry cafe-hoppers among us. 

We heard a fair bit about the cafe scene at the Western part of Singapore in the making, but come to think of it, how many of us have actually made recent trips to explore these little gems of the West.  

I have suss out some cafes that fits the bill to be in this list. Some are new players (open recently in 2014) and some have been around for a couple of years. Here’s a round up of the hotspots in the West, and the cafes are listed in no particular order. 

Bouna Vista (Biopolis / Fusionpolis / One-North)

Bodacious Bar and Bistro 
This 130-seat bistro and bar has plentiful of space available indoor and for those seeking alfresco dining. Opened in July this year 2014, Bodacious could be the next space for big groups to hang out. You can find fuss-free all day breakfast with a pleasant twist, and mains such as fatty duck confit, hungry man’s tofu burger and a few other surprises.

Food Offerings: All Day Breakfast, Burgers, Mains, Desserts
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, Beers, Wines, Others.

Bodacious Bar and Bistro 
Address: 70 Biopolis Street Singapore 138587
Envy Coffee
The youngest cafe for now, in the One-North community offers a great space for coffee and hearty meals to the people working and living there. Opened in May 2014, Envy Coffee is very new but the skilful barista here is able to pull a perfect espresso shot. The menu is a bit limited but that’s not too much of a problem, as the food are comforting enough and reasonably priced. 

Food Offerings: Toasts, Sandwiches, Mains and Desserts
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, Refreshers

Envy Coffee
Address: Nexus@One-North, #01-04, 1 Fusionopolis Link, Singapore 138542

Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar

An American-style diner and wine bar located within the Biopolis research park at Nucleos building, just minutes away from One-North MRT. Curbside Cafe has a menu of brunch items, sandwiches and salads, and signature mains such as Mac and Cheese, and Coca-cola beef stew.

Food Offerings: Quick Bites, Mains, Desserts
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, Craft Beers, Others

Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar

Address: 21 Biopolis Road, Nucleos, #01-27, Singapore 138567

Jimmy Monkey
This three-year old Australian-styled cafe is located amidst lush flora and unique architecture of the 15 billion dollar condominium One-North Residences. Jimmy Monkey serves a good cuppa joe and offers a range of delectable meals. 

Food Offerings: Quick Bites, Brunch, Mains and Desserts
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, Beers, Others

Jimmy Monkey Cafe and Bar

Address: 9 One-North Gateway, #01-51 One-North Residences, Singapore 138643

Note: JM Cafe undergoing expansion, set to open mid-late September 2014.

Revolution Coffee
A quaint cafe located within the Infinite Studios near Portsdown down, serving handcrafted speciality coffee and casual food. 

A connecting shuttle between Infinite Studios and one-north MRT station is provided between 8am and 8pm, from Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays. 

For those planning a trip down on the weekend where there is no shuttle service, you can check out the guide below for directions.

Food Offerings: Quick Bites, Sandwiches, All Day Breakfast, Hot Dishes and Desserts
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, Others

Revolution Coffee
Address: 21 Media Circle, #01-03A, Singapore 138562


Neighbour to the hipster joint Revolution Coffee next door, this new cafe Hoopla (opened in Jan 2014) has a big menu for brunch purists. Its stylish and massive space is good for families and large groups. 

Food Offerings: Toasties, All Day Breakfast, Pizzas, Mains
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, Slushies, Others


Address: 21 Media Circle, #01-05 Infinite Studios, Singapore 138562

Clementi (West Coast)
W39 Bistro and Bakery
Opened in April 2013, this cosy little joint hidden in the quiet neighbourhood of Jalan Mas Puteh serving European styled dishes with a touch of local taste. Despite its ‘ulu’ location, the bistro is getting pretty crowded especially on the weekends. Reservations are recommended. 

Food Offerings: Quick Bites, Brunch, Mains and Desserts
Drink Offerings: Coffee, Tea, W39 Specials, Wine, Others

W39 Bistro and Bakery
Address: 39 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128637

The Tiny Roaster
This tiny wall-in-the-hole coffee studio located in neighbourhoods of Clementi West is great for serious coffee lovers. I will not classify The Tiny Roaster in the category of a typical cafe, as they do not serve any food here. However, I feel that they deserve the feature because they serve good coffee and you probably will not be able to find another brew studio in this area. 

Drink Offerings: Black Brew, White Brew, Vienna, Affogato
Merchandise: Roasted Coffee and Unroasted Green Beans, Coffee brewing tools

The Tiny Roaster

Address: 612 Clementi West Street 1, #01-288B, Singapore 120612

There are more cafes, restaurants and bars in parts of Holland Village, Rochester Park and including Bukit Timah, but those were already well established, and the quicker ones among you might have already explored and visited a number of times. 

Holland Village

Rochester Park


Bukit Timah


Please let me know if you think that I have missed out any feature-worthy cafes to be included in this list, by dropping me a line or leave a comment below. 

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