8 Iconic Places To Photograph In Singapore

Everyday places are becoming HOT” photography locations for couples, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, wedding photographers, and the avid explorers. 

If you try searching on the Google for “Best Photography Locations” in Singapore, you will probably end up with many search results. 

It didn’t take long for me to come out with my own Bucket List of Iconic places to photograph in Singapore. 

Some of the featured locations are not new and original, I’ll admit that but these selections are based on a different photographic perspective where I believe this is your ticket to the prime spots in Singapore. 

Our Singapore gardens and parks have wonderful green space that give great excuses for organising outings with families and friends. 

With the abundance of gardens and parks in Singapore, I have selected the Mount Faber Park and Botanic Gardens as they provide a great respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Mount Faber Park

Besides providing photo opportunities of Singapore’s nature trail, Mount Faber Park offers great selection of food and beverage establishments where you can dine and catch stunning views of the city. You know that you’ll definitely go hungry after walking to the peak for photo kicks. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens 

A lively garden place for colours with no shortage of natural scenery for any type of photo-shoot. From the garden entrance with the majestic iron gates, to the iconic Tembusu tree, and not forgetting the romantic gazebos found around the park. There are too many noteworthy locations where you could take nature shots in this 74-hectare park.


The highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore providing magnificent vantage points for the surrounding area as you soak in the natural beauty of the forest’s flora and fauna.
It is also one of the best spots in Singapore to catch panoramic views of the city, the harbour and the Southern Islands.

Apart from the pre-requesite nature shots, you can also check out the 10 km trail that connects you to other possible photo spots such as Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve.

Henderson Waves / The Southern Ridges

From nature to urban cityscape, much attention has to be given to its urban form. 

Located at the Southern tip of Singapore, the Marina Bay area has gone through massive urban transformation to becoming a world-class destination today. 

With more than 120 skyscrapers crowding the Marina Bay area, you cannot deny that Singapore’s skyline is one of the most distinctive in the world. 

There is a wealth of stunning birds-eye-view of our city atop those impressive architectural achievements. The waterfront is undoubtedly one of the best spots to take in the magnificent sights around the Bay. 

Marina Bay Area 

The Bay made perfect for walking is served by a comprehensive pedestrian network of walkways, bridges and sideways. You can move around Marina Bay to this historic landmark – The Clifford Pier that has been transformed into The Clifford Pier restaurant. 

The Clifford Pier (Fullerton Bay Hotel)

This spectacular restaurant The Clifford Pier acts as a glamorous photo backdrop with its stunning interiors of the dining space, and the dramatic architectures of the original pier, you will be drawn to take photographs good time.

Elegance, colonial, rich heritage, treasures among treasures, the National Museum stands out as the gem in the crown of Singapore’s museums. What is most distinctive about the National Museum is quite defined by its strong and beautiful architecture.

The National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum provides a grand backdrop with its superior architectural design and its white body, which explains its popularity as one of the top spots for wedding photography. While I was taking pictures of my models, I spotted this wedding couple and took the simple act of joy to capture their beautiful moments in my camera. 

Do note that a nominal fee will be charged for bridal and commercial photography. 

Charming neighbourhood like the Tiong Bahru Estate fits the bill as they are quirky, and if you are feeling adventurous enough to brave the sweltering heat, you can have fun exploring hidden alleys. 

There are just so many ways to expand your creativity. 
Tiong Bahru Estate


The railway track is an obvious choice for those interested in the rough and tumble type of photography. The iconic black truss bridge across the Bukit Timah Railway is a significant place to take your photographs. 

The abandoned tracks and the rusted overarching structures provide a photogenic backdrop, if you decided to go the distance you will be able to see remains of the old railway station and the area surrounding that appears to be trapped in time.

Bukit Timah Railway
I may not be able to travel far to take in more beautiful sights that our tiny island has to offer. 
So if you are an avid photographer, it’s time to practice your skills and introduce what else are visually exciting in Singapore.
Photography Credits
Models: Marilyn and Reina
Models Outfit: Proudly Sponsored by MCRUNWAY

2 thoughts on “8 Iconic Places To Photograph In Singapore

  1. Really cool article Alain! A lot of these spots are pretty unique and ones I haven’t seen before. A photo app that I’m working on for taking photos at the best spots in Singapore has recently released and I think you’d be interested due to this article! It’s called Explorest – it leads you to Singapore’s most beautiful photo locations using GPS coordinates & tips by the country’s best photographers. We’ll be expanding to California and many more places soon! Check it out if you have some spare time!



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