Month: August 2014

8 Iconic Places To Photograph In Singapore

Everyday places are becoming “HOT” photography locations for couples, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, wedding photographers, and the avid explorers.  If you try searching on the Google for “Best Photography Locations” in Singapore, you will probably end up with many search results.  It didn’t take long for me to come […]

The Royal Mail Restaurant and Bar

The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar is a 60-seater restaurant with three separate sections – The Bar (Ground Level), The Main Dining Room and a Private Dining Space (Second Level).The Royal Mail Restaurant serves breakfast seven days a week, lunch and dinner from Mondays to Fridays, and dinner […]

Le Nu – Taiwan Beef Noodle Bar

“Le Nu 樂牛“, which means “Happy Cow”, aims to bring a smile to beef noodles lovers by offering quality and affordable Taiwanese braised beef noodles.    Le Nu is a quick service concept by the Singapore based restaurant group – Paradise Group, armed with a mission to improve, enhance and […]