Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee – Tasting Coffee with a Difference

Tiong Hoe was started in 1960, by Mr. Tan Tiong Ho whom is a specialist in roasting gourmet coffee, manufacturing and packaging beans to kopi tiams and other coffee houses around the island.

Apart from being a coffee roaster and supplier, Tiong Hoe provide tea but mostly coffee equipments, and other related accessories from renowned global brands.

With the revolution of the third wave coffee and out-sprung of speciality coffee joints, Tiong Hoe decided to ride the trend and serve freshly roasted coffee to their customers. 

I got to know of Tiong Hoe‘s existence through social media, and thanks to fellow coffee aficionados whom shared their recent visits on the Instagram platform. 

The fruits of Mr Tan’s labour (Tiong Hoe) is now managed by the second generation Mr Jacob Tan whom shared similar passion and love for coffee like his father. 

Before you even step into Tiong Hoe, you can literally smell the coffee aroma from outside the store. That’s because there are hundreds of kilograms of fresh green coffee and a roaster at the back of the store.

Tiong Hoe does not have many seating at this point of time, but getting more tables and chairs were already in their pipeline.

Tiong Hoe conducts coffee appreciation workshops and microlat roasting for coffee aficionados who wish to learn more about coffee culture. 

Coffee beans on demand
Coffee beans from different regions where you can choose for your espresso. 

The methods of brewing coffee, which everyone has their own favourite way of enjoying coffee.

Drip, one of the most popular method of brewing coffee. 
This is Jacob, slowly pouring a steady and even stream of hot water over the grounds.

The other barista, Juliana waiting for the brew to completely passed through the V60 filter and into the drinking vessel. 

The pour was homogenised pretty well. Great feel and taste to it, exceptionally clean when I was sipping.

For those looking for milk-based espresso, you can order a latte or cappuccino which come with a decent latte art. 

Tiong Hoe is a “no-menu” coffee place, the beverages served here are for tasting, hence there is no prices for the coffees.

Tiong Hoe strongly believe that honesty, respect and trust are the three basic foundations for every business relationship. They have identified and understand their customer’s needs which is more than just a cup of coffee. 

A token of gratitude into the tip box will be greatly appreciated, in acknowledgement of the benefit that you have received from the owner and the barista.
I had a hearty conversation with Thomas, a customer at Tiong Hoe who is also a close friend of Mr Tan (he called Mr Tan his “Shifu” the Coffee Grandmaster). Thank you Thomas for sharing your knowledge and the tasting coffee. 
I left Tiong Hoe a happy and satisfied customer, I will return for more dosage of coffee. 

170 Stirling Road #01-1133 Singapore 140170
(Nearest MRT – Queenstown) 

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 08:30am – 05:30pm
Saturday 09:00am – 04:00pm
Closed on Sunday

Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tionghoesc 

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