All Day Dining Hawker Fare at The Clifford Pier

The Clifford Pier

Built in 1933, Clifford Pier was a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers.

The pier was later used as a terminal for tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries heading for the Southern Islands.

I can vividly remember those childhood days where I departed from Clifford Pier to Kusu island for my field trips. It was rather saddening to find out that Clifford Pier had ceased operations in 2006, and developed for other business purposes.

The existing Clifford Pier you see in the above photo has been safeguarded for conservation. Over the years, the pier and its surrounding land have been developed into the current Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The roof structure of the pier has a simple but unique architecture. They were evidently conserved and then restored using like-new designs with much consideration.

Made a recent visit to The Clifford Pier for a lunch tasting, I was cheered by friendly smiles of the staff here, the huge glittering chandeliers and the amazing waterfront view. 

I was surprised why didn’t the former business occupant, a contemporary Chinese restaurant – One On The Bund live up to expectations. Then I only got to know the main reason for One On The Bund’s closure was the ending of their lease which took place early quarter 2014.

Here are the highlights of the lunch tasting, comprising of healthy fruit tonic drinks, taste starters, pier classic mains and dessert. 
Chin Chow Moonwalker $8.00 / Virgin Red Lantern $14.00
Shredded grass jelly with fresh soy milk drink / Cucumber, lime, watermelon and sugarcane juice
Crispy Shells Ubin Kueh Pie Tee $15.00 
Crispy shell filled with shredded fragrant turnips, Ubin’s prawns and fresh herbs
Soup Kambing $15.00
Kambing mutton soup cooked in traditional spices with fried shallots and scallions
Fried Carrot Cake & Sweet Soy Prawns $16.00
Fried Carrot Cake & Sweet Soy Prawns $16.00
Wok fried turnip cake in sweet and spicy soy sauce with prawns and scallions
Uni Glass Noodles $28.00 
Glass noodles chilled with sea urchin, salted egg and salmon roe in lime truffle sauce
Kong Bak Bao $18.00
Tender slabs of sweet soy braised Iberico pork belly with steamed buns, chili and cilantro
Wagyu Beef Redang $28.00
Tender slow cooked beef in aromatic and spicy paste with traditional achar pickles. Add $5 for free flow organic brown rice or jasmine rice.
The Pier Lobster Roll $29.00
Half butter-poached lobster on a toasted bun, with light mayo, crispy lettuce and chives
Rickshaw Noodles $18.00
Stewed yellow Hokkein noodles in pork broth and traditional condiments. Handmade dry noodles with simmered pork belly and soft boiled egg
Pandan Ice Cream with Coconut Jelly $9.00

Dishes That I Love
Wagyu Beef Rendang
Uni Glass Noodles
Rickshaw Noodles

If you don’t mind paying premium prices for hawker food, you will probably enjoy a plate of Wanton Noodles but with better quality ingredients, plus you get a better ambience and service at The Clifford Pier.

I would recommend The Clifford Pier for a business lunch, with 2-course set starting from $28.00 / 3-course set for $33.00.

For those in search of supper places, The Clifford Pier opens for dinner till 10pm while supper will extend to 12:00 midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, Supper & Cocktail will end at 1:00am.

The Clifford Pier
The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326


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