Xi Yan 喜宴 Private Dining Chinese Cuisine With A Twist

Many of you could have been to a number of private dining venues, but if you have not been to Xi Yan, you are really missing out.

A brief history about Xi Yan and the Founder (Excerpt from their website)

Jacky Yu (Founder & Celebrity Chef) is personally involved with the selection and training of his team of chefs not only for Xi Yan Hong Kong, Xi Yan Singapore but also all the other branches. To date, the Xi Yan group has a total of 20 chefs, including head chefs, sou chefs to assistant chefs and the numbers are expected to grow with the expansion of Xi Yan in the Asia Pacific region.

The selection of Jacky by Asia Inc Magazine, as one of Asia’s top movers and shakers, which include China’s Yao Ming, Hong Kong’s Richard Li, Malaysia’s Michelle Yeoh, etc, has served to affirm his creative genius and validate his enormous contribution in reviving Hong Kong’s position as a food paradise. He was also featured in Newsweek, and many other international publications and media.

In January 2008, among several internationally renowned celebrity chefs including Pierre Herme, Jacky appeared as China/Hong Kong’s representative, to participate in a nation-wide telecast food demonstration at Lyon, France, on the occasion of the prestigious bi-annual food expo.

With the publication of his three best-selling cookbooks, and having been in the industry for only 6 years, Jacky is unique among the celebrity chefs of Hong Kong, epitomizing a new generation of younger, creative cuisine artists who are challenging and changing the concept of food. It is little wonder that he is popularly nick-named Hong Kong’s Jamie Oliver.

Xi Yan Singapore was born in 2005, tucked away in a quiet spot of Craig Road inside a beautiful Chinese terrace house. 

Xi Yan means “banquet of joy” was rated top among the private dining restaurants in both Hong Kong and Singapore for the past years. Xi Yan have continued to strive for excellence and received several accolades locally and internationally. To name one, Xi Yan has recently been awarded Most Innovative Menu (Asian) by Wine & Dine Magazine in their Singapore’s Top Restaurants Special Award 2014. 

Xi Yan private dining is strictly by reservations-only, it adheres to a philosophy that only what’s fresh of the day at the market will be served, and the menu would be plan by the chef daily. Xi Yan will also cater to guests special advance request whenever they require an even more elaborate menu for their dining pleasure. Only one sitting for lunch and dinner will be served to ensure quality and consistency.


The location of Xi Yan can be a little inconspicuous. Look out for a conserved three story building, and a red signboard. Xi Yan is located on the 2nd floor via the doorway. 


I had the honour to meet one of the Co-owner Mr Thomas Choong at Xi Yan, where he played host and invited me to a treat of Xi Yan‘s custom menu and signature creations.

The menu was drawn from more than a hundred of cuisines that Chef Jacky has developed over the years and here’s the special highlights of the tasting session I had.

Cucumber Fresh Salmon Salad in Wasabi Sesame Sauce
Cherry Pork with Steamed Winter Melon
Cherry Pork with Steamed Winter Melon
Steamed Cod Fish with Pickled Chilies and Black Bean Paste on Rice Noodles
Shrimp Paste Dory Fillets with Pomelo Salad
Poached Pears in Aged Osmanthus Wine


An extensive wine list is available. 

Xi Yan provides special theme and paired wine, paired champagne or paired whiskey dinners.

I would appreciate a good plate of bursting charred flavour Hor Fun. Though the rice noodles were missing the “Wok Hei”, they still did a great job on the cod fish and the sauce. 

There were some unusual combination of ingredients used in the dishes, which I thought they worked really well together. 

My top favourites were the Cucumber Fresh Salmon Salad and the Cherry Pork with Steamed Winter Melon. It is really amazing how the chef cleverly make use of unique ingredients sourced from different regions to create such exciting dishes without losing the oriental cooking culture. 

I must also commend them for the good service with the staff announcing every dish as it arrived at my table. 

Dining here is definitely an experience worth having. Xi Yan had proved to be ever soaring and I would strongly recommend this place for a business party or an intimate family get together.

Notice: The Craig road outlet is no longer operating. Please visit Xi Yan outlets at the various locations.

Xi Yan Maxwell
Modern Dining and Bar
Location: Maxwell Chambers Suites, 28 Maxwell Road,#01-15/17, S069120
Reservations: +65 6220 3546

Xi Yan Shaw
Casual Dining
Location: 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #03-12/13, Singapore 228208
Reservations: +65 6733 3476

Xi Yan Katong
Casual Dining
Location: 112 East Coast Road, i12 Katong #02-06, Singapore 428802
Reservations: +65 6244 3326

Website: http://www.xiyan.com.sg

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