Saboten Signature Katsu and 18 New Set Meals at Affordable Pricing

Saboten it is one of the biggest and most popular Tonkatsu chain in Japan.

With over 500 outlets worldwide, this Japanese restaurant chain is well known for their Tonkatsu (deep fried breaded cutlet), and now you can expect new palatable offerings such as Shabu Shabu and Teppanyaki items at the IMM outlet.

Saboten unveiled a new dining concept (Saboten Dining) at IMM that features a total of 18 new set meals on top of their ala carte menu. 
Bright, clean and spacious with a modern Japanese wooden furnishing, which gives the restaurant a cozy yet classy look and feel. 
Gozen Set menus include a bowl of cabbage, Japanese white rice, chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles and dessert. 

This bowl of fresh, crunchy cabbage was refreshing to the taste. You can choose to eat the cabbage on its own or mix together with the secret recipe dressing, which I thought was very delicious. 

The Chawanmushi at Saboten tasted very different from other Japanese restaurants. This one I had was soft and fluffy in texture, somewhat similar to eating a tofu beancurd.

Diners can choose any of the 18 set meals (starting from $14.90), without missing the Saboten signature Katsu. All set meals are paired with a decent portion of the heavenly Katsu, so that you can have the best of all worlds.

Salmon Sashimi and Loin Katsu Gozen ($22.90) – Mentai Combo 

Grind the sesame seeds in the bowl with the wooden stick. After you are done with the grinding, scoop some special tonkatsu sauce from the greyish urn into the bowl. Mix the grated sesame seeds and dipping sauce well to enjoy for your Katsu.

Saboten‘s special sauce are made of onions, carrots, tomatoes, apples and over 10 different spices to bring out the best flavour. 

There were 5 slices of thick cut salmon sashimi. Each slice were equal in size, it melts in my mouth and I could really taste the freshness of the seafood. 

The Hotate (Scallop) was the biggest standout in the set meal. They were pillowy and juicy, and I liked the mentai sauce which goes very well with the scallop.

If you enjoy eating Mentai, you should not miss this Aka Ebi (Prawn) Mentai. The prawns were large and spanned the size of the serving plate. They were crowned with Ebi Mayo, and then grilled to perfection. The ala carte side dishes are priced under $10, which is actually quite affordable. 

Black Pepper Kurobuta Teppanyaki 

If you are willingly to “cook your own food”, you can opt for Teppanyaki or Shabu Shabu combo.

Beef lovers must order the Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu and Half Loin Katsu Set. The beef is sliced thinly so that each slice melt in your mouth. There is also a Kurobuta Pork option for those non-beef eaters.

Saboten will be opening a new outlet soon at 313 Somerset (relocation of the former outlet at Parco Millennia). There are ready plans to introduce this new dining concept to the other outlets around the world, but for now this new dining concept is only available at the IMM outlet. 

Saboten promises you an excellent Tonkatsu experience with the finest and freshest ingredients. With the introduction of this 18 brand new set menus, it adds even more varieties for your dining indulgences. 

Great deals that are too good to be true, you will not believe me unless you head down to Saboten Dining today to experience for yourself!

Saboten Dining
Address: IMM Building, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-19, Singapore 609601
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)

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