BreadTalk ‘DediCAKEtion’ To You For A Good Cause

“A party without cake is just a meeting” ~ Julia Child
22 May 2014 – Have you ever tasted 12 cakes in one sitting? Yes I just did. Some of you might think that I am crazy, but sometimes we just need to do some crazy things to keep ourselves sane. You probably have to agree with me after seeing these gorgeous looking cakes.
It was really fun as it was my first time attending a pop-up tea party. Firstly, a Big Thank You to BreadTalk for inviting me to this wonderful event; and celebrating a season of new cake collection comprising 12 exquisite creations that are available to you at all BreadTalk stores
In celebration of the new cake collection, BreadTalk is running a campaign themed “A DediCAKEtion To You” to signify the spirit of giving. From now to June 2014, BreadTalk pledges to raise $30,000 for Community Chest; and this campaign is open to anyone who wants to raise money for a good cause. 
For every regular or classic cake purchased, $1 or $2 will be contributed to this cause. Every charitable dollar raised will go directly to the charities and social programmes for the less advantaged in Singapore. You can always join me by doing a good thing with the good guys for a good cause. 
BreadTalk‘s whole new cake collection comprises a variety of novel creations and reinterpretations of well-loved classics such as Black Forest, Mango Paradiso, Strawberry Chantilly and several more.

These new cakes are conceived after months of intense taste tests led by BreadTalk‘s very own in-house Research & Development team and working with international chefs and consultants to bring the best combination of delectable pastries and desserts, in order to cater to the discerning tastebuds of today’s customers.

I was very fortunate to witness how the Masterchef from Japan, conjure her culinary magic right in front of my own eyes. It was an elevating visual experience for me, being able to see the Japanese craft and baking presentation with such dedication and precision. 
You can look forward to a lavish spread of 12 wondrous creations; starting first with one of the new signature cakes; the (1) SALTED CARAMEL SURPRISE ($28.80 / $36.80). 
Expect a burst of caramel-nutty flavours when you taste this unique creation. The ‘surprise’ lies in the delicate Gula Melaka genoise sponge layers, which are melded by an overlay of Chantilly cream and caramel sea salt. Sprinkles of walnut encircle the base of the cake to lend texture. 
Second new signature cake in line; is the (2) CHOCOLATE FUDGE SOUFFLE ($32.80 / $42.80).

Luxuriously moist and rich with 55% cocoa, this soufflé-inspired innovation from BreadTalk will have chocolate lovers fall head over heels in love with it. Imagine a dense chocolate soufflé base studded with orange peel and encased in chocolate almond glaze. Garnishes of fresh strawberries, raspberry, chocolate décor and a flourish of cocoa powder complete the masterpiece. 

The third new signature cake goes out to; the (3) CHEESECAKE ORIGINALE ($35.80)
Indulge in this classic full-flavoured cheese cake that has a thin smooth layer of Chantilly cream and is decked with glazed strawberries, raspberry and chocolate décor. 
Last but not least, the fourth new signature cake; the (4) OREO CHEESE ($35.80).

Taking cheesecake to another level, this creamy Oreo creation features a base and top layer generously lined with scrumptious Oreo cookies and Chantilly cream. It is then topped with whole Oreo cookies and dusted with icing sugar.

The remaining 8 cakes that you will be seeing are reinterpretations of the well-loved classic cakes. Featuring the (5) STRAWBERRY CHANTILLY ($32.80 / $42.80).

Light and fruity, BreadTalk’s Strawberry Chantilly is a sight to behold and will woo palates with its soft fresh cream and fruity allure. The moist Genoise sponge base is delightfully layered with fresh Chantilly cream, fruit cocktail and laced with Cointreau syrup. Toppings of plump strawberries, raspberries, grapes and pistachio lend colour and vibrancy to this top seller.

Another hot favourite is the (6) AZUKI MACHA ($29.80 / $39.80).
A refined Japanese inspiration, this matcha green tea flavoured treat is the perfect marriage of East and West! The fluffy matcha Genoise cake is layered with lashings of fresh Chantilly cream, matcha ganache, and speckled with sweet azuki red beans. Completing the artful presentation are matcha glaze, matcha powder and silvers of chocolate décor. 
Something for the coffee lovers, (7) KOPI KONNOISSEUR ($32.80 / $42.80).

A perfect melange of coffee, chocolate, and Bailey’s Irish cream, the BreadTalk’s Kopi Konnoisseur sure packs a punch with its caffeine goodness! Slice into it to unveil tiers of chocolate almond sponge cake, praline walnut cream, Bailey’s Irish cream, and chocolate coffee cream. The finishing touches include a dark chocolate glaze, chocolate sheets, and hazelnut sprinkles.

Peanut Butter is an old-school favourite you shouldn’t miss. (8) PEANUT BUTTER BETTER ($28.80 / $36.80).

For a taste of nostalgia, turn to this comforting yet luxe peanut butter delicacy that comprises a delicate Genoise base and peanut butter cream. Speckled generously with sliced caramel almonds all around, it is crowned with chocolate décor, cocoa powder and a chocolate macaron. 

(9) BLACK FOREST ($33.80 / $43.80).
BreadTalk has given the traditional Black Forest cake a truly luxurious treatment with the combination of a light chocolate almond sponge base, chocolate cream, Kirsch cream and dark sweet cherries. It is then covered with a gorgeous layer of thin chocolate shavings and fresh strawberries for a pop of colour!
Mango lovers will definitely go for this (10) MANGO PARADISO ($32.80 / $42.80).
This tropical fantasy is divine with every bite! Set in an unconventional cake mould, the exquisite mango cake is made up of a light finger sponge, passionfruit jelly, and mango mousse. A sure hit with all ages, it is bejewelled with fresh mango cubes, raspberries, blueberries, white chocolate shavings and pistachio.
Who can resist this elegant (11) BANANARAMA ($28.80 / $36.80) that is sumptuous and light at the same time.
Coated evenly in a sprinkling of desiccated coconut, the winsome creation showcases almond sponge layers, milk custard cream, roasted macadamia nuts and caramelised sweet banana – topped with Chantilly cheese cream, cookie crumbles, macadamia nuts and red currants.
The last classic cake on the list is the (12) BOWLED OVER TIRAMISU ($32.80).

BreadTalk has reinvented the timeless Italian dessert and added a surprising twist of Kahlua and Bacardi rum to the sponge fingers, espresso coffee and mascarpone mousse. The luscious pick-me-up comes in a big bowl portion for six persons or individual cup sizes. 

Before we actually tasted the cakes, we were given a task to “VOTE” for the “BEST Cake” by judging from it’s look and presentation. 
The question on your mind: “Which was the BEST cake I voted for?” 
We were then given the luxury to savour all the 12 cakes, and to vote again for the “BEST cake” amongst the ones we had, in terms of taste and texture. 
It was a close fight for all the 12 cakes that I have tasted; and in my opinion, each cake creation are definitely worthy of my sensory experience. 
Well, if you still want me to choose my favourite cake(s), my top 3 picks/recommendations will be the Salted Caramel Surprise, Black Forest and Cheesecake Originale.
I hope that you have an eye candy feasting by just looking at all the pictures. To sweeten up this good deal, please look out for the following BreadTalk promotions, valid for a limited period till 31 May 2014.
– Enjoy any two cake slices at $8.80 (U.P. $9.60 to $11.60)
– Every Wednesday is “DediCAKEtion Day” whereby you can enjoy 15% off classic or regular cake pre-orders.
– UOB card members get 50% off for the second slice cake purchased.
For more information, please visit and like them on their Facebook page

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