Supply & Demand – Modern Italian Peruvian Bistro & Rooftop Bar

Supply & Demand – Modern Italian Peruvian Bistro & Rooftop Bar

The space at Supply & Demand looks pretty cool, and I was absolutely intrigued by its cozy wooden setting from the entrance to its interior.

It also holds a touch of industrial chic decor, featuring both wood and concrete elements. I typically love the overhead filament bulbs and brick walls.

This mammoth restaurant is able to host up to 200 people for private events and gatherings. 
The open bar and kitchen

You can dine at the cozy indoor area, or head to the rooftop for alfresco dining under the stars. 

I headed immediately to the rooftop after placing my orders, as I couldn’t resist touring this gorgeous looking restaurant and taking more pictures before the sun sets.

There is a collection of literary classics and cookbooks lined along the stairway, which leads to the rooftop bar.

Stairway to Rooftop Bar

It would be great to have your beers here while enjoying the breeze on cooler days.

Rooftop bar with waterfront views

There is a private tent that could accomodate up to 10 easily, but make sure you make a request to use the space here. 

I almost had an headache looking at the drink menu earlier, simply because there were too much to offer. 
From coffee and tea; to house pours, to draft beers and speciality cocktails. I finally decided to have tea instead of coffee, and once again I was spoilt for choice with the tea selections.

African Solstice Tea in a Pot
Iced Mint Tea

Supply & Demand offers a mix of Peruvian and Italian grub, which is unique and new in Singapore. 

There was a tantalizing array of made-to-order pizzas (over 20 flavours available) and pastas selections.

I want to start with something safe and familiar; the Italian fare – so Pizza was obviously my answer. 

The pizzas here come in regular (9″inch $17+) and large (13″inch $21+) sizes. You have an option to select 2 flavours in 1 pizza, or have it Calzone-style, with just an additional $3 charge.

I decided on having two flavours and my selections were Quattro Formaggio Four Cheese and Tartufo E Uovo Truffle and Egg.

It took less than 20 minutes for my food to arrive. The pizza was thin crust, crispy yet fluffy; and I can literally taste the freshness of ingredients as it was baked to order. 

My vote out of the two, goes to the Tartufo E Uovo, simply because of the soft egg set in the centre, and the black truffle paste on the side. Needless to say, why I loved this; you just have to check it out yourself.

Supply & Demand is an excellent venue to have a quiet dinner with your loved ones, and I would say it is my kind of place to unwind and make merry with friends on a Friday night.

I will definitely return to try their unique fusion specialities, and Peruvian-inspired cocktails. 

Supply & Demand
Tel: 6336 0588

Address: 8 Raffles Ave, #01-13, 

The Esplanade – Colours by the Bay, 

Singapore, 039802. 

Opening Hours
Mon – Thu: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Fri & Sat: 6pm – 3am
Sun: 12pm – 10.30pm

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: supplydemandsin

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