Wallet Friendly Omakase Meals at Sushi Kuo

Wallet Friendly Omakase Meals at Sushi Kuo

SUSHI KOU, a casual Japanese restaurant helmed by Tokyo-native Chef-Owner Koda Naokatsu; not only presents quality Japanese cuisine at affordable prices, but also value for money Omakase meals that is priced from as low as $50 onwards. 
I shall be introducing one of the Omakase meal ($50 / $80 / $100) I had for dinner, a 7-course affair that span appetisers, sashimi platter, grilled item, fried dish, braise, sushi, and dessert. Diners opting for the $100 menu can enjoy an eight-course set that comes with more premium sashimi, sushi, and the tempting grilled Kagoshima Wagyu Ribeye.

Photo Credit: Sushi Kou 
Interiors of the restaurant
Photo Credit: Sushi Kou
Omakase meal at Sushi Kou (Photo for Illustration purpose only)
SUSHI KOU uses exquisite seafood and seasonal vegetables flown in twice a week from Japan; and the kitchen team will then plan the menus with the bounty of fresh ingredients. 
Apart from the delightful menu of offerings, diners can enjoy the complimentary jars of homemade pickles, while waiting for their food to arrive.
Pickles (Radish and Cherry Tomatoes)
To start off my dinner, I was presented with a plate of two appetisers – Braised radishes with Bonito flakes and seasoned tofu with slats of snow crab and roe toppings. 

This simple, flavorful braise yields a luscious, tender and delightful start.

Appetiser (Inari Tanoki | Kabu Ni)

I wasn’t expecting much, until the Sashimi platter was served. The 5 kinds of fish were all gloriously thick and fresh slices, nicely plated with scallops on ice. An $80 Omakase meal with all my perennial favourites; you must be kidding me. And it was truly unbelievable. 

Sashimi (Otoro | Hamachi | Tai | Hotate | Akami | Shimaji)
Following the Sashimi platter, comes the grilled item. Simple, yet flavourful the grilled Scallops and Lady Fingers skewers were a real treat. There was a light seasoning to enable the sweet taste of the scallops to come through. 
Grill Yaki (Hotate Buta Kushiyaki)
Japanese fried dish at it’s best; tasty, tender and crispy slices of fish with bones so soft and fine that it is quite safe to consume. 
Fry Age (Nishin Tatsuta Age)

Tender, juicy cuts of Wagyu beef that have been braised until tender and glazed in a braising liquid made from Chef Koda’s recipe. 

Nimono is the backbone of Japanese cooking; this Wagyu Nitsuke was moist, tender, and packed with flavour, I enjoyed this dish the most among the others. 

Braise Nimono (Wagyu Nitsuke)

The Omakase set comes a good dose of sushi fix; an assortment of six handmade sushi to get on with. The sushi rice was not of great quality, but I am not complaining as the array of oceanic catch on the sushi were fresh and comforting enough. 

Sushi (Otoro | Hobo | Saba | Anago | Toro Salmon | Ikura)
Ending the meal on a sweet note, we had a handful of Japanese ice cream that comes in a variety of flavours. Matcha green tea ice cream is a perfect dessert to serve after a Japanese meal; but my top pick was actually the Salt ice cream. The flavour was unique and different from something you can find in other stores.
Dessert Ice Cream (Green Tea | Sesame | Chocolate Bar | Yuzu | Salt)
The Omakase meal presented above is available at lunch and dinner, but the menu is NEVER the same each time; as the dishes will always vary to showcase the best seasonal produce available that vary day. 
SUSHI KOU‘s wallet friendly prices also extends to their set lunches from $16 for a Chicken Teriyaki Set to a Special Kaisen Don Set ($26) with an array of pristine sashimi. 
Diners can also pick up the “Today’s Special” offer at prices as low as $12 for the Salmon Don Set. Or opt for the substantial a la carte menu ranging from sushi, sashimi, rice and noodles staples, to tempura, grilled seafood and meats. 

SUSHI KOU, located at Orchid Hotel, just two doors away from it’s neighbour Teppei; offers a jaw-droppingly good value, where you can get your Omakase and sushi fix without the need to wait for a month; or possibly even longer to fight for a table.

Address: 1 Tras Link, #01-16, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867.
Tel: +65 6444 8433
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10:30pm

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